Five Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting a Renovation or Re-design

You’re thinking about re-doing your kitchen or bathroom or maybe one of your bedrooms. You’ve seen some great looking renovations in several magazines and one of your good friends just did a beautiful make over in her apartment. You’re psyched to start. You’re scared you’ll mess up. Well, you should be psyched – it’s great, you’re going to transform part of your home so it will be even more comfortable to live in. Being scared? Maybe a little, but if you avoid certain pitfalls, the process can be rewarding. Five mistakes to avoid: 1. Starting demolition before ordering fixtures or supplies Here’s why – the likelihood is that despite ordering the items you want correctly, some of the items

Light Revolution

Did you know that lighting has been going through a revolution in the past few years. LED is changing the landscape of what can be lit. Things that can be taken into consideration when choosing the right light are: type of light, color, bulb, color temperature, CRI, and correct application. Ultimately, light changes the perception of color in a space. Light can also affect mood, create ambiance, and product energy. Most importantly, lighting affects your comfort in a space. Different types of lighting include the following: Task Lighting: Task light is used to light up an area while performing a task. Some examples include cooking, reading, or sewing. Ambient Lighting: Ambient light is used

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