Considerations in choosing a sofa

The sofa is the center of any living room, or family room and the furniture piece around which the room’s décor is being created. There are many different factors that can be used to determine the best way to integrate the sofa with the rest of the furniture in a room. The following are a few things to consider. Size and Fit To choose the correct size of a sofa for a room, begin with a floor plan. This plan will determine the placement of all the furniture in a room in relation to one another, location, length and depth of the sofa. For best fit, pay attention to how tall are the people using the sofa. Deep seats are better for tall people, shallow seating is better for people who have bad k

Adding art to your space

Selecting Art Work One of the most personal items that you can add to your space is art. Art creates the personality and style in the room. It’s OK to take some risks and mix high end and low end or oversize with small and even vintage with new. To begin, determine if you have certain color preferences or certain art mediums. Whatever art work you select, it’s important that you love it and not just buy it for investment. Framing The frame of the art piece should work with the art work, not the space in which it will hang. To unify several pieces of art work, should frames in similar colors or in simple range of colors such as neutrals. You can vary the frame style with wood, metal, white a

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