Interior Design Inspirations from India

I love travel: a feast for my eyes, brain and soul. When I return home, the new ideas inspire me. The images sit in an internal library in the back of my unconscious mind. Some of these wonderful pictures float to the surface as I design new spaces in clients’ homes. My most recent trip was to explore India, a fascinating country with a complex economy, rich history, and religious diversity. Here’s how the scenery, colors, and patterns may influence my design and your vision, too. Using Colors with Confidence Red, orange, saffron, white, bright green, and yellow. The Saris worn by the Indian women portray interesting color and pattern combinations. The colors are vibrant, strong and brillian

Enhancing Your Life with Technology in the Home

Innovations in technology have revolutionized every industry, including home design. New home capabilities have brought more convenience and comfort to our lives. Read on and see if smart technology could enhance your lifestyle. SMART HOMES Window shades, security, climate control, and appliances can all be managed via an app on an iPad hanging on your wall. The value is in presetting certain key lifestyle controls. For example, with one button, you can set up an automated routine that runs when you leave the house in the morning before rushing off to work. Your routine might raise the shades, lower the temperature, lock the door behind you, and start the dishwasher. Likewise, prior to

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