Bring on the Luxury: 5 Simple Strategies

Ah, that feeling of luxury. Whether you prefer more practical furnishings or more opulent pieces, you don’t have to feel like you’re just making do. Your home is a reflection of your life: who you are, and what is important to you. The following simple strategies can quickly improve the way you feel about your home. Imagine Each Room in Your Home, Empty Forget about the furniture and all your things for a moment. Concentrate on the finishes of the room: the flooring, walls, ceiling, and windows. Are there any architectural details that can be highlighted? Is there a nice entrance into the room? Even in a room with modern furniture, the following architectural elements can enhance the impress

Design and Purchasing Pitfalls: What’s the Risk?

The time has come to furnish your home. You’ve chosen items, styles, colors, and patterns. You’re set; what can possibly go wrong? Here are some industry secrets I’ve learned as an experienced interior designer. Although preventing these mishaps isn’t always possible, preparing for them will minimize their impact. You don’t have to do this alone. Ordering Furniture Managing Custom Orders Decorating your home takes time, especially when ordering custom or semi-custom furnishings. The manufacturer typically waits for all required materials to arrive before scheduling all ordered items. Once scheduled, items are prepared in the order the factory deems highest priority. Personnel also need to ve

Updating Your Home at 55+

Your home surroundings are important. Your environment has an impact on your health, mood, energy, and overall well-being. If you are looking forward to staying in your home when you retire, it’s also time to think about preventing common injuries that can impact your quality of life and your ability to live independently. The earlier you consider the following key recommended changes to your home, the less costly they will be. Even if some of the suggested modifications do not apply immediately to you as a home owner, they are important to keep in mind even for aging parents or relatives that visit. Lighting Changes As we grow older, our vision changes, especially depth and color perception

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