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Five Strategies for Busy Professionals to Maximize Their Time with an Interior Designer

Busy people are successful because they are good at what they do. Successful, busy people usually want their home to be a haven away from their hectic life, where they can relax and enjoy hobbies or family time. Being busy with work work, traveling often, or managing a business means that many successful professionals and entrepreneurs don’t have the time to invest in creating a space that they love to live in. Hiring an interior designer can eliminate the stress and hassle of designing a space.

Starting a design project can be very exciting and overwhelming. Here are some tips for working with an interior designer:

ONE. Hire the best interior designer you can afford.

The best interior designer isn’t necessarily the flashiest dresser or the one with the biggest office. A good designer is a professional who listens to their client and designs a room that matches their financial, functional, and aesthetic requirements. The best designer will also communicate about the project’s progress well and often, so the client is never left wondering.

TWO. Figure out what you like aesthetically.

A designer can work with your style. If you don’t know what that is or how to describe it, spend time browsing online or perusing magazines to find the style you like. Don’t be afraid to dream big. A good interior designer will use those pictures as inspiration for creating your space. Any kinds of pictures can work, but sites like PInterest, Houzz, and HGTV are great places to start.

THREE. Determine your investment budget.

If you haven’t shopped for furniture in a while, take a look at how much furniture costs. You may get sticker shock, or you may be surprised by the different quality options. A designer can direct you to some places for comparison or can advise you on the best choices. Custom work

may be pricey, but you will get one-of-a kind pieces.

FOUR. Be open-minded, and trust your designer.

You may have an idea of what you like, and the interior designer you hire should take that into consideration. A good designer has years of education and experience, and stays ahead of the curve by understanding design trends. A creative designer will incorporate what you like and suggest possibilities to take your ideas even further, whether with attention to small details, a unique custom piece, or a color and fabric that you did not expect. Trust your designer to move you just a little out of your comfort zone.

FIVE. Communicate openly.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. The best and most successful designers collaborate successfully with their clients by communicating clearly, openly, and often about taste, pricing, options, and project management. Let your designer know if you have ideas, questions, or concerns, and you’ll get the best results: a spectacular space you will love to live in.

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