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  • I want to do a 'design and build' but don’t know where to find a contractor, painter and other artisans. Can an interior designer help with that?"
    Yes. Having developed a relationship with multiple craft people, artisans, skilled laborers, artists and professionals, Interiors can make recommendations for excellent workers. We can coordinate these professionals with the project work.
  • How do interior designers charge for their professional design time?
    Hiring an interior designer is an investment in saving you time, avoiding making expensive mistakes and acquiring the peace of mind that your job is being executed professionally, in a cost-effective manner and to your taste. Currently, there is not one industry standard for how interior designers bill for their professional time,by Dafna Adler works with a flat fee arrangement for a set number of hours to design, execute and complete your project. The fee is determined by the scope of the project. If purchasing products is part of the arrangement, the customer will often be entitled to pricing below retail value, even when including the designer’s customary commission.
  • When are fees due and how often?
    After a consutation with the designer and client in their home of virtually, a recomendation will be made as to how to proceed. IA retainer for a minimum number of hours will be invoiced and the project will proceed once the invoice is paid. If the project grows in scope or exceeds considerably the number of hours is greatly increased, a new invoice will be issued. All purchases made by the designer must be paid in full prior to order fulfillment. Any freight, trariffs, delivery and tax modifications must be paid prior to delivery.
  • What form of payments does 'Interiors by Dafna Adler' accept?
    DNA Art and Design aka Interiors by Dafna Adler accepts Visa and Mastercard, check or cash.
  • Do you offer refunds on merchandise?
    A lot of time and effort is made to avoid the need for a merchandise return. There are no refunds on custom orders. If an error has been made, it will be rectified to the best of the designer's and manufacturer's ability. Some products are refundable with a restocking fee and possible return postage within a given timeframe. No refunds are possible once the project is complete of has been terminated other than what is stipulated in the contract.
  • I am not sure what my design style is or how to articulate it, should I still work with an interior designer?"
    Absolutely! Interiors by Dafna Adler will help you define your taste by showing you pictures in magazines and on-line. By understanding the common elements of the designs that you prefer, an interior designer can determine what colors, textures, and styles resonate with you. Your answers inform our design process. The end result will be a space that is unique to you, and reflects your individual taste.
  • Does Interiors by Dafna Adler work in one particular style?
    Interiors by Dafna Adler does not subscribe to just one particular design style. Creative professionals in our firm enjoy working on a variety of project styles from elegant traditional kitchens, to modern bathrooms, This keeps business fresh and interesting. we always seek out new artisans and vendors to create new, custom pieces for you that we co-create with you. We believe that good design can be done in many styles and that is the main goal.
  • I would like to update my residence or office but I am too busy to handle the project. Should I still hire an interior designer?
    Yes. Busy people with discerning taste are our best clients. If purchasing is requested, Interiorswill research, shop and order all the materials and finishes and provide you with pictures and options. The designer will coordinate and oversee the labor, and will be present at delivery and installation. We will bring selections to your home or office if the client doesn’t want to travel to the showrooms. The designer's job is to make the remodeling or redesign project as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Of course, a good interior designer will communicate well and often. Interiorswill provide our clients with weekly status updates, and set up appointments to go over options and review plans.
  • I need the assistance of a designer, but I travel often and am not available to collaborate closely on a project, How can we work together?"
    Dafna understands the complex busy life of successful people. She will spend the time up front to really understand the functional and aesthetic requirements. With the use of a website portal, and other electronic means of communication much can be achieved. Interiors by Dafna Adler has a proven record of integrity to manage projects independently to high satisfaction of completion.
  • Okay. I want to start a project. What is the process? What should I expect?
    First, you would schedule an Initial Consultation during which I will help determine the scope of the project and the level of service that you need. Check out our services page. ​ Determine Project Scope and level of service Design consultation only- based on the scope of work required, we will provide floor plans, colors. Designer on Call - all the above, plus actual choices of materials, furnishings, fabrics, custom design plans. Full Project Management- all the above, plus coordination with each of the professionals who will do the work. You will receive a letter of agreement detailing the scope of work and level of service with a request for the initial retainer that was agreed upon. When the project begins, Dafna will come back to your home to take measurements and photos to prepare a floor plan. Once a concept is finalized, Interiors by Dafna Adler can provide you with renderings or computerized drawings for review and present you with options for interior finishings, such as flooring, countertops, cabinetry and furniture. If the project requires an architect, general contractor, or structural engineer, Interiors by Dafna Adler will recommend preferred vendors and help you obtain cost estimates. Depending on the size of your project and your availability, we'll schedule needed client meetings to keep your job progressing and receive your feedback. ​ We ask all our clients for communication, trust, and collaboration. Communicate about your preferences, concerns, and visions. Trust that a professional designer chooses to work only with people who can achieve the level of quality that we expect. Provide feedback during the design process and consider trying a color palette, layout, or material outside of your comfort zone. Once the the selections are made, if construction is necessary it will begin, artisans will be hired, professionals will begin their work, purchases will be made and coordination of all items will begin. Delivery and Installation will be arranged at the appropriate time.
  • How do we communicate with Interiors by Dafna Adler to get the best results?
    After a discovery call, in which we determine that a consultation or service with Interiors is to begin, we will set up an onilne web portal on which we can collaborate. That is a good place to set up appointments and send messages to one another. All notes, inspiration photos, questions etc., re stored in one place and can be referenced. Otherwise, electronic communicaton by phone or text or email can be used as backup. Status is updated weekly on Fridays through the Client portal with an opportunity for you to respond.
  • I love to design, shop, and collaborate on a design project. How can this work with your firm?"
    Interiors has a package that can be tailored for all styles of work and we love to collaborate with clients. We need to clearly identify the role of the designer and client in order to have an efficient and productive work to move the project forward.
  • I am planning a remodeling project but I’m not sure if I need an interior designer or an architect?
    This is a common question. An interior designer has the skills and professional education to design and draft new space plans for reconfiguring an existing interior space in a home. Additionally, the designer can develop lighting and electrical plans,as well as finish and furniture plans. The designer can help select all exterior finishes and interior finishes such as flooring, countertops, tile, paint colors, window treatments, carpeting, built-in cabinetry and furnishings. When the project involves changing structural or load bearing walls, or changing the footprint of the home, an architect or a structural engineer will need to be part of the team. They provide the drawings and structural calculations required to pass building code inspection that will be filed with the local building department. For a larger project, consider hiring a team of professionals: A designer, architect and contractor. Dafna Adler works with architects and contractors and can help you put a team together.
  • My project only involves re-decorating my space, how does hiring a professional interior designer differ from an in-store decorator at a local furniture, or kitchen and bath showroom?"
    Many times retail in-store decorators are primarily sales people. Although they may have some design knowledge, they can only offer what is sold in the store. Professional interior designers have access to hundreds of trade-only vendors and manufacturers world wide. With an independent interior designer, you’ll have more flexibility to choose the design elements that look great in your space, without being limited to the retail store.
  • How can we work virtually?
    After the initial consultation with Interiors you will receive two documents instucting you how to photograph and measure. After receiving a floor plan, you will get pictures and samples of every item we are considering. Once approved we will discuss purchasing options.
  • I am ready to re-designing my home or office. What’s the next step?
    Let's get started! Please call or email Interiors by Dafna Adler to arrange an initial consultation. Dafna will come to your residence or office for up to 2-hour consultation to see your existing environment and review your aesthetic and functional needs. She will ask a number of detailed questions, photograph your current space, and discuss your project budget and timeline. The consultation fee will be credited toward the project fee.
  • How do I prepare for my initial consultation with an interior designer?
    Developing a visual reference of images that capture the feeling, colors, textures, and functionality of what you’re trying to achieve. helps a designer understand your taste and preferences. If you haven't redecorated in awhile, we recommend that you do look online or go into stores to learn about the prices, what is available and get a sense of what you find appealing. It's also useful to get a folder of work you find inspirting on sites such as Pinterest or Houzz or home magazines. The more information you provide regarding your aesthetic, the more we can provide you with options that reflect your style.
  • What if there is a labor problem or I am unhappy with an item delivered to my home or office?
    Interiors by Dafna Adler business is based on referral so your complete satisfaction with the end result and the process getting there is my priority. If an issue arises, we will do everything in our professional capabilities to resolve it immediately and to your satisfaction.
  • What other services does Interiors by Dafna Adler offer clients?
    We want to save time you and give you peace of mind by acting as your “go to” resource for everything related to the design, as well as the care and maintenance of your home or private office. Post project VIP and Concierge services: Hang art work and accessories Arrange post construciton cleanup Arrange yearly maintainence
  • I am interested in hiring a designer but I don't want to publicize it, how is that handled?"
    We at Interiors at Dafna Adler are committed to maintaining your privacy and are as discreet as you wish regarding your project. At no time does anyone know how much you spent, when and how. We do not discuss your project with your name or address. Even when work is photographedor published, we do not disclose where you live and who you are.
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