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Why hire a professional designer?

Decorating a room, or doing renovations, requires much more than just having good taste. People may wonder which professional to hire, when, and how much it may cost. Among the many options, I would like to suggest that there are many good reasons to hire an interior designer even for small projects. The following are some ways that an interior designer may help out.

First, the greatest benefit is the time element required to find the sources that are best suited for your space. It takes time to find the right color to paint the walls, or to the correct molding for the room, and of course the best furniture, fabric, or lighting for a space. Designers have the education, expertise, and sources to help speed that process. For example, in re-thinking the dining room, you may consider the type of lighting and placement of the fixture(s). Secondly, the designer can suggest some options and has the time and resources to find the best furniture and lighting for the room. Designers may bring the choices to you and save you time or go shopping with you to narrow down the options.

Preventing costly mistakes is another important reason to hire an expert. Most people do not want to go through renovating a room often. It is costly, time-consuming and messy. If you are spending money to have a space that is important to you, it is necessary that you have furniture that is the right scale and proportion for the room. This can be done by measuring and creating good space planning, floor plans, furniture plans, and elevations. These plans will prevent errors that may be costly, such as getting a sofa that is too small for the space or one that does not fit through the door.

Having the opinion of an experienced decorator who has worked on many jobs before is another reason. I have seen many times when clients agonize over what color to paint the walls. It is an important decision because it defines the mood/feel of a space. There are studies that prove that the color you’re surrounded with affects you. With experience, an interior designer knows what works, how to create an accent wall, different painting styles, what type of paint works best or eco-friendly paints that may be new on the market.

Shopping for supplies such as tiles, fabrics or accessories can be overwhelming because there are so many choices. There is always more than one solution or idea to make a space look fabulous and stylish. By understanding the look you want and the way you want to live, an interior designer can narrow down the choices and help you create a space that is unique to you.

Sometimes people may disagree on how to proceed in decorating a space. People sharing a space may have completely different tastes. That is another situation where an interior designer can help find the common ground that will make partners happy. There are ways to come up with design solutions where nobody has to compromise on what is important to them. A designer may come up with options you may have not thought of.

Custom solutions for window

treatments or cabinetry may be another area where a designer can be helpful. Where a cabinet maker or another professional has experience in the one area, a designer has the total picture in mind of how the room should look. The designer can then bring those professionals into the project and ensure that the job is done right and on time.

Efficient and comfortable spaces make us feel good and be more productive.

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