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What’s Hot in Kitchen Renovation for 2020?

A kitchen Island and two light fixtures above it
A Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Redos for 2020

I don’t know about you, but for many of my clients, the kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook or eat. Kitchens reflect the lifestyles of the people who use them. Maybe you enjoy experimenting with delectable dishes, or perhaps you love to entertain family, friends and colleagues. For many, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. That’s why we’re discussing some current kitchen remodeling ideas that will enliven your space for the new year or the new decade.


Without question, lighting has been the most basic change in the kitchen recently. Gone are the small pendants above the island. Instead, new, bold, possibly retro, potentially industrial, for sure statement fixtures are the name of the game. In addition, high hats, also called recessed lights, can still be strategically positioned within a ceiling or cabinet as backup to the main fixtures. Remember, optimal lighting sets the best possible tone and ambience in the space. Think of the light fixtures as the jewelry of the room.

The Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans open the kitchen up to the den or dining area. An open floor plan with a beautiful island kitchen setup creates a nice, big space with convenient paths for walking and carrying things. I have found this layout to be very popular because it gives you easy access to heat up a quick bite or grab a drink. It also allows for more convenient socialization with guests while cooking. On the other hand, the kitchen can be a messy place, and it may not always smell good. That’s why some people prefer to separate the mess, smoke, and strong odors of the kitchen from the rest of the living space with a wall or a door that can close.

More on Kitchen Islands

Should you have one kitchen island? Two? None? It’s a question of lifestyle and space. A kitchen island can be a central place to gather or to eat, depending on the setup. Aesthetically, a kitchen island breaks the monotony of a single line of color. I like using kitchen islands to add a whimsical touch or enhance the style and personality of the space, without being overwhelming. As a gathering place during a party, an island creates the space to serve buffet meals. Furthermore, if you need a place for specialized cabinetry and appliances, an island is an excellent storage option. In particular, kosher kitchens might need this additional space. Another idea is to use two islands: one functional and the other as a kitchen table.


While we’re on the subject of cabinets, let’s talk about materials. For those that love wood cabinets, cerused oak and light gray are the new finishes to consider. Dark brown is a classic but not often popular for new cabinetry. In addition, clean lines are the new look for more modern kitchens with high-gloss cabinets, whether they have integrated hardware or no hardware. On Long Island, NY, where most of my clients are located, white cabinets are still the most popular.

Open Storage

Open shelving is still shown in some model kitchens. If you have a large kitchen with lots of windows and a beautiful view, open storage is an idea worth considering — since there is nothing more inviting than a well lit, airy space. Keep in mind though that to maintain the effect, you will need to keep your shelving clean and free of clutter.

Counter tops

New counter top materials abound. For instance, porcelain is now available, and quartz has been revolutionized with new patterns and stone lookalikes that are sometimes hard to spot. Both of these are excellent choices, depending on style, color and functional use. That being said, some people still prefer the patina and organic look of natural stones such as marble or granite. However, if you are considering marble or light granite, keep in mind that they are porous and may stain slightly or scratch over time.


Microwaves may have been all the rage to lots of people who grew up without them, but interestingly, I’ve noticed more people beginning to opt for fewer microwaves in favor of steam ovens and warming drawers. Plus, if you love pizza and have the room, go for a Pizza oven! I’ve also seen new color ideas like bright engine red or striking blue, although they haven’t been popular in all geographic areas. Truthfully, in the interior design field, we think of colored appliances as a fad that won’t last. Instead, stainless steel appliances in both high-end and mid-range setups are still most popular. Similarly, retro appliances, while fun show pieces, won’t be lasting trends either.

Range Hoods

The range hood, or the enclosed fan above your cooktop or stove, removes steam, heat, odors and gases while you cook. That’s why it’s important to have a correctly fitted hood that works well. In fact, you may even need more than one. Careful attention to the size of the hood, and what flanks either side, is crucial. Furthermore, some hood styles

clearly define the focal point in the space and make the room more interesting.


Mixing metals is still all the rage, and polished nickel or gold is still popular. In fact, I am all in favor of mixing metals, done judicially and carefully.


We hear daily about the smart refrigerator that can order food when you run low, or electronically powered cabinets. Like colorful appliances, however, these trends have not taken off in all geographic areas. Instead, one fun new trend is the coffee station, and the tools available are very popular. Sometimes, they are used in a side butler’s pantry and sometimes in the kitchen itself.

A brand new kitchen

If you would like your space designed with a kitchen most suitable to you, feel free to call Interiors by Dafna Adler at (516) 234-5425, email


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