Don’t Let the Pandemic Dash Your Design Dreams, learn about online, virtual or e-design!

Now more than ever, we are staying at home, and it’s important to have an environment that makes us feel good and functions well. Towards that end, I now offer distance design options, in addition to resuming some of my in-person services. I call this service virtual design, or some may be familiar with online design or e-design. You might be wondering: how will a designer see the space? How will a designer be able to truly experience the flow and aesthetics? Online Design is best for clients who live out of our local area, or for clients who want to do the execution of the design, but need a plan to follow. It’s also a great option for those people that can’t fit full service design into th

5 Design Scenarios for Multigenerational Living Comfort

When Pamela’s college closed during the COVID-19 lockdown, she returned home to live with her parents and two younger brothers, Matt and Andrew, along with Spotty, the family dog. At the same time, her 85-year-old grandmother moved in, with some vision impairment and mobility issues. Adding to the sudden changes, although both of Pamela’s parents work, they began temporarily working from home, and it appeared that at least one of them will continue to do so for a while. All at once, a spacious, comfortable house became cramped, with no privacy. Although this particular situation is unique to the pandemic, approximately 64 million Americans live in multigenerational households, according to P

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