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Don’t Let the Pandemic Dash Your Design Dreams, learn about online, virtual or e-design!

Photo of woman sitting at dining room table planning her design

Now more than ever, we are staying at home, and it’s important to have an environment that makes us feel good and functions well. Towards that end, I now offer distance design options, in addition to resuming some of my in-person services. I call this service virtual design, or some may be familiar with online design or e-design. You might be wondering: how will a designer see the space? How will a designer be able to truly experience the flow and aesthetics?

Online Design is best for clients who live out of our local area, or for clients who want to do the execution of the design, but need a plan to follow. It’s also a great option for those people that can’t fit full service design into their budget.

Believe it or not, all you need to get started with a virtual design project is a tape measure and a phone or tablet.

yellow tape measure

When it isn’t feasible for me to physically enter your home, I must rely on your photos, video, and measurements of the space. All my virtual design clients get instructions on how to measure and what to show me on camera. With these measurements, I create a floor plan, and with the photos, I create a concept mood board that presents what the room can look like once it is designed. As always, before I make any product recommendations, we also spend time talking about how you plan to use the space and how we can showcase what is most important to you.

We are now using new tools that make it easier for our clients to ‘see’ the

Sample of fabric, color ad wood finishes

space, the specific items chosen, and how they can best be put together. Additionally, I send samples of materials and finishes to my clients so they can see and feel for themselves what the furnishings and other items will be like. This can be done to meet

different budgets.

For those that want full service, since I belong to national design organizations, I have contacts throughout the United States. I can arrange for local tradespeople to complete the work. Faux artists, window treatment workers, cabinet makers, and other professionals produce custom furnishings and other decor.

With new constraints due to the pandemic, I have continued to assess the best ways to safely and effectively serve my clients. NYC metropolitan area clients now have the option to work with me either virtually or in person, since I wear masks, get tested, and practice social distancing.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to listen well to my clients’ wants and needs for their homes, and I’ve formed close relationships with trade vendors and artisans in order to come up with unique items. These are people I know I can count on for quality work. Throughout my 17 years in the design industry, I’ve stayed on top of industry trends, materials, and the latest styles by attending conferences, joining trade industry organizations, attending design markets, and talking to experts in various fields. In fact, these are the same skills and experiences that have guided me through changes in the industry due to the pandemic.

Most importantly of all, my mission and focus has not changed. It’s about what works best for the client and how to give them a home they are proud of and love to live in. If you know of someone who would like that experience, please reach out to me at or (516) 234-5425. You can also schedule a discovery call to explore your interior design options.

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