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Kitchen Renovation considerations

Kitchen Renovation

Planning your kitchen is one of the most important and hardest tasks in design renovation. It is important because it is generally a hub of the house for your family, is used by multiple people for a variety of tasks, sometimes accommodates multiple cooks, and is a place guests like to congregate. In essence it serves many purposes.

The following are some considerations…

1. How many cooks in the kitchen? Do they need to use the kitchen at the same time?

If there are multiple cooks, you may need several stations with lots of room for flow.

You may want to prepare a station for each specialty.

2, Do you use gas, electric or the new induction style of cooking?

This will make a difference on which appliance you choose

3. How do you use your sink and dishwasher?

Consider a deeper sink if you wash your pots by hand. Perhaps you need a dual

sink for Kosher dishes. Perhaps two dishwashers are required.

4. Do you entertain often?

Consideration must be given to the counter surface that you use. Surfaces that can

handle hot pots and are durable are important. You may also consider a pot filler

above your range.

5. Don’t forget good lighting….

Light your task areas and pay attention to shadows. Plan your under cabinet

lighting, outlets, switches, etc. so they accommodate all the appliances you need

for your cooking.

6. How does your family like to gather for a meal?

Do you need a bar height counter for a quick meal? Do you like to have the whole

family sit around the table? Or perhaps you need both.

7. Food storage

Think about how you use your food. There are now multiple ways to store your cold

food: refrigerator, under cabinet beverage center, freezer drawers, fruit and

vegetables drawers. They don’t all have to be stored in one place any more.

8. Clutter

Consider what non-kitchen items gather in your space. Pens, papers, mail, notes,

books, etc. Find a spot for everything in order to eliminate the clutter.

9. Trash

Many places now have specific recycling requirements. Separating your glass,

paper and compost can be a drag and having no place to keep it separate it hard.

Plan it into your kitchen and simplify.

An expert designer can assist you in your planning and help you make the right decisions to create a functional and beautiful space.

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