Highlight from High Point

Twice a year, High Point, North Carolina transforms into the largest furniture and decorative goods market in the country. The beautiful examples of trendy design concepts shown at the market will inspire me to create spaces, rooms, and homes for people to enjoy for years to come! Let me paint a picture for you: vendors, marketers, furniture makers, artisans, and other people in the furniture, design, and decorative goods industries take over this North Carolina town. Multiple buildings and floors show their wares, offering free meals and hosting extravagant parties with free flowing alcoholic beverages, superb cuisine, music, and lots of merriment -- all to entice designers to purchase thei

A Client's Journey

One of the first steps in my design process is to ask my new clients questions about their lifestyle and aesthetic. I need to understand their priorities – what’s important to them in daily life and especially in their home environment. Sometimes, the answers are straightforward, and sometimes, they are more nuanced. Using these insights, I envision how my design might reflect each client’s uniqueness and personal story. In this beautiful example, my new clients told me stories of their travels. In particular, they spoke of their love for the oceans and beaches. They showed me items they accumulated during their travels that conveyed their passions and interests. Their appreciation for blue/

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