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A Client's Journey

One of the first steps in my design process is to ask my new clients questions about their

lifestyle and aesthetic. I need to understand their priorities – what’s important to them in daily life and especially in their home environment. Sometimes, the answers are straightforward, and sometimes, they are more nuanced. Using these insights, I envision how my design might reflect each client’s uniqueness and personal story.

In this beautiful example, my new clients told me stories of their travels. In particular, they spoke of their love for the oceans and beaches. They showed me items they accumulated during their travels that conveyed their passions and interests. Their appreciation for blue/violet and teal colors was also evident. Learning this information, I went to task.

As you can see in the next photo, pictures of the room empty.

Empty Room

In the photo below, notice how I designed an upscale wooden dining room wall unit to ensure sufficient space to display my clients’ collections, with quality lighting that doesn’t overpower the small room. Envisioning their travels and love of water, I designed the unit to give the impression of ocean waves.

Custom cabinetry and wall unit
Wall unit constructed in a wavy pattern

To better reflect the desires and wishes of my clients, I further refined my design concept. For example, size and other constraints were important in creating the final product. In addition, other furniture and fabrics enhanced the entire room and the adjoining room. Existing chairs were reupholstered, and a custom table was built to coordinate with the unit. The result was a room that reflects the taste, style, and functionality these particular clients wanted.

A fine dining area suitable to my clients wishes

In addition, the living area was conceived as a room for TV watching and entertaining

Piece by piece the room was built to create the vision

Furniture moving day
Placing the sofa

Furniture placement
Moving in the table

The final creation is a beautiful room that is pleasing to the client and unifies the space. It

provides sufficient seating and lighting, and it showcases the items that are important to my clients. Furthermore, the luxury materials on my one-of-a-kind, tailor made custom furnishings feel nice to the touch and make the clients feel special.

The reality of the space envisioned

Functional living space
The reality of the space envisioned

If you would like to have a room that reflects what is important to you and your style, contact Dafna at (516) 234-5425 or email

Or schedule a discovery call to see what is the best service for you! We can now work virtually to create a beautiful space.


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