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Highlight from High Point

Twice a year, High Point, North Carolina transforms into the largest furniture and decorative goods market in the country. The beautiful examples of trendy design concepts shown at the market will inspire me to create spaces, rooms, and homes for people to enjoy for years to come!

Let me paint a picture for you: vendors, marketers, furniture makers, artisans, and other people in the furniture, design, and decorative goods industries take over this North Carolina town. Multiple buildings and floors show their wares, offering free meals and hosting extravagant parties with free flowing alcoholic beverages, superb cuisine, music, and lots of merriment -- all to entice designers to purchase their product. Attendees also enjoy informational sessions and classes for continuing education credits.

One major highlight for me was participating in several style spotters tours, which are insider tours of new and trending items offered to anyone interested. Here’s what I gleaned from the insiders at Spring Market 2019.

Trending for 2019…


Gray is taking a back seat as a soft neutral to stronger colors, such as pink and green.

For example, a pink sofa might be matched with a gray chair and gray pillows.

At other times, a green velvet sofa might go best with gray and pink side chairs and ottomans.

Pink in soft hues is popular this year

Green velvet sofa
Green velvet sofas are popular this year

Green accents in design
Example of how green accents are added to the decor in 2019


Velvets everywhere! Soft, richly colored velvets adorn sofas of almost every furniture manufacturer. Channel backed sofas, tufted sofas, and modern sofas are covered with

soft velvets. In addition, the sofas often have a thick side arm, meant to be used as an extra seat in a party situation. The velvets are usually solid, and paired with one colorful side chair.

Coffee Tables

Multi-height, two or three-tiered nesting cocktail tables capture the imagination of furniture manufacturers. Any style, any size goes, with a variety of material combinations.


This returning trend is back with a vengeance. Typically, statement-making designs adorn one wall to create a focal point. Bold and oversized patterns are becoming popular, and old patterns are coming back in new ways.

wallpaper trends
Nice combination of color in a variety of elements. Notice the wallpaper.


Large spokes and LED-filled lights make a splash in almost every style and finish.


Colorful, painted, beautifully designed, artistic pieces are stunning examples of the finest artisanal work.