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Is white the right color?

Many of my clients think that nothing can go wrong when they use white in their decorating scheme. After all white is a neutral, airy and fresh and well, white is white,


Actually, that’s wrong!

There are innumerable shades of white and it can be challenging to pick the right white paint. Take your time; it’s an important decision and one that can impact the entire look of your room. The white that you select in the paint store can look entirely different in your room at home especially because white also reflects the other colors and furniture in yhe room. It can look incredibly bright and vivid or soft and subdued and yes, your

geography matters too!

So no, all whites are not the same! White is a highly complex color with tints and undertones. Undertones of blue, purple or green create a crisp, bracing and modern feel; undertones of yellow, pink, orange or red have a warmer and more traditional feel. You

need to think about what “feels best” and works with your aesthetic and the look that you are trying to achieve in your space.

Not certain when to use white? Here are just a few suggestions for when to use white:

 As a contrast in an environment where there the other colors are bold.

 When you wish to create a clean, refreshing and serene atmosphere.

 To provide a non-competing backdrop for artwork or sculpture.

There are so many considerations. An interior designer can assist you in identifying the right combination of colors for your room taking into account the amount of natural and artificial light and furniture in the space as well as your personal aesthetic and lifestyle.

Learn more book a complimentary discovery call!

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