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Window Treatments

Nothing adds more polish and drama to a room than the right window dressing. I equate it to the perfect scarf to add to an outfit. The final finishing touch. Quality custom drapery is expensive, costs as much as a piece of furniture and requires expertise to be done correctly.

Often a window in the house needs some form of shade. There may be a need for privacy, to block out the sun, or even to keep the temperature in the room moderate.

The first thing I ask my clients is, “What is the function of the room?”

  • Is the room used for TV watching? There may be glare from the sun.

  • Is it a bedroom? You may need black out shades which block the sun completely.

  • Is it a living room? With a lot of sun, the colors of the fabrics may fade in the sunlight.

Some things my clients look for in window treatments:

Privacy. You want sunlight but don’t want your neighbors to see inside.

Esthetics. This is where the style, color, type of fabric can make a difference. Pick a shade that is close to your wall color unless you want your windows to be the first thing people look at when they walk into the room.

Cost. There is a shade for every budget. If you buy a ready made shade that is cut to size, you can save some money. Anything can be made out of any fabric for a custom look.

As a designer, my favorite part of the process is choosing the color, style, texture. We may choose a rod and finial that works with the elements in the room

Next, we’ll a fabric that coordinates with the colors of the room. I usually stay with colors that are closest to the wall color. For added drama, it’s nice to add a contrast fabric on the edge and maybe bottom as well!

In essence, window treatments can truly complete a room, dressing it up with the final touch.

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