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The perfect balance

Make your home cool and warm for perfect balance.

Combine cool and warm colors to create balance and beauty in your home

Cool colors are breezy and calming whereas warm colors are vibrant and stimulating.

Combining the right mix of cool and warm colors creates the best environment for your home.

The following color wheel defines which colors are considered warm or cold.

warm and cold colors on a color wheel

Add a touch of warmth to a room with warm colors to create visual interest. As you see in this room, the touches of red pillows and repeated the painting above the sofa as well as the flowers on the table add warmth to an otherwise neutral space.

red accents

touch of color


add drama to a room with cool color tones. The color of the bench adds good contrast in the room and the color is repeated in the painting on the wall.

In the adjacent living room, the blues and grays are accented with soft whites to tone down the dark color of the sofa,

blue, gray and white living room

It’s important to note when dealing with warm and cool colors is that no room should have just one color temperature. If you want your room to be cozy, use warm colors for the dominant scheme and add a few elements that incorporate cool tones. White can be a used for both warm and cool tones as a balancing color.

Take a chance with small changes and see your room transform.


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