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Architects and Architectural Designers Who Influence my Interior Design Sensibility

As a designer, I love traveling as I seek out different architectural and design styles. It excites me to see how creative people think. Exploring different architectural experiences fills me with stimulating new ideas and thought patterns.

Wild and Organic: Antoni Gaudi

A trip to Barcelona, Spain, exposed me to Antoni Gaudi’s novel architectural approach. I noticed how each and every surface, even the chimneys of his houses, donned a special design. His careful attention to scale, materials, and other details also impressed me.

Making the Everyday Become Beautiful

Gaudi's creativity shows how every object is an opportunity for design. For example, in my work, I might sometimes see unconventional design opportunities in a light switch, doorknob, or fireplace. His designs also inspire me to try unique color combinations.

Withstanding the Test of Time: Frank Lloyd Wright

While in Chicago, Arizona and New York, I visited some beautifully designed homes by another favorite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Many of his ideas, although about 100 years old, are still relevant in today's modern sensibility: clean lines, no fuss geometric shapes and built-in functional furniture. An amazing sense of indoor/outdoor approach to color, texture and line created his signature style.

Furniture in Flow

From Wright, I gleaned a new perspective on how furniture can integrate into a space in different proportions than what we're used to. In his work, you couldn't tell where the furniture ended and the walls and architecture began. The furniture appeared built-in, as part of the architecture of the house. He inspires me to integrate the furniture in a more holistic way, in flow with the rest of the house.

New Patterns and Balance: Phillip Starck

I recently stepped into a hotel designed by Phillip Starck, who envisioned something new. He took chances with something that hasn't been done before: redefining proportion and scale to create a new sense of balance. He reversed the signature approach to painting all ceilings and molding white. He broke the tradition of putting moldings only in the corners and keeping them understated. His style also combined different color shades and tonalities to create patterns.

Carefully Breaking Rules

As I look at Starck's work, I begin to consider breaking some rules. I like to experiment with lighting, proportion, and scale, while using my education and experience to find solutions to potential problems.

These genius architects give permission to think beyond the obvious. They boldly change patterns that create exciting interiors. As I work, I envision their innovations.

Some clients want bold new visions, while others need a subtle touch to make their visions come to life. Contact me today to discover what is possible for you.

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