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Enhancing Your Life with Technology in the Home

Innovations in technology have revolutionized every industry, including home design. New home capabilities have brought more convenience and comfort to our lives. Read on and see if smart technology could enhance your lifestyle.


Window shades, security, climate control, and appliances can all be managed via an app on an iPad hanging on your wall. The value is in presetting certain key lifestyle controls. For example, with one button, you can set up an automated routine that runs when you leave the house in the morning before rushing off to work. Your routine might raise the shades, lower the temperature, lock the door behind you, and start the dishwasher. Likewise, prior to returning home, the lights can be turned on in certain rooms, and other controls can make life convenient.

Voice-Controlled Smart Devices Nowadays, devices like thermostats, televisions, and appliances are getting smarter. It’s easy to manage indoor temperature, lights, security systems, entertainment, and even window shades, using only your voice. You can also control these smart devices on the Internet, which is handy while you’re traveling.

Smart Lighting Whether or not you choose to renovate your home, smart lighting is a safe and convenient design option. Smart lighting keypads can automatically turn lights and fixtures on or off at certain times. For example, you can choose to automatically activate dim hallway lights at night for added safety.

Home Entertainment

Your audio, video, networking, and phone system can all become part of your smart home. Listen to your favorite music, turn on the TV, or play a game, all with your voice or smartphone app. It’s your choice.

Smart Home Security

Smart cameras and security systems alert you, and those you trust, when someone comes to the door. You don’t need to be home to receive these important alerts. Plus, smart locks allow only the people you trust to enter your home without a key.

Kitchen Gadgets

Voice technology in the home

You’ve probably heard of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Now, Alexa connects to kitchen gadgets, such as smart crockpots and rice cookers. Use your voice or an integrated smartphone app to check how much time until your meal is done. Like other Internet-enabled smart devices in your home, you can control your kitchen gadgets while at work or on the go, Technology and Luxury in the BathroomAs more and more of our devices connect to the Internet, the bathroom is no exception.Technology can give you that spa feeling without leaving your home. You can groove to your favorite music in the shower. Let technology create your next bubble bath. You could even improve your toilet with modern amenities. For example, you could use a heated seat and bidet, complete with multi-functional cleansing features and an automatic flusher. Hands-free toilet seat lifters and night lights are also available.

A Designer Can Help

Every client is different. As an interior designer, I incorporate smart technology into a client’s home when it enhances their lifestyle.

If you’re curious, give me a call or book a complimentary discovery call!

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