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Bring on the Luxury: 5 Simple Strategies

Ah, that feeling of luxury. Whether you prefer more practical furnishings or more opulent pieces, you don’t have to feel like you’re just making do. Your home is a reflection of your life: who you are, and what is important to you. The following simple strategies can quickly improve the way you feel about your home.

Imagine Each Room in Your Home, Empty

Forget about the furniture and all your things for a moment. Concentrate on the finishes of the room: the flooring, walls, ceiling, and windows. Are there any architectural details that can be highlighted? Is there a nice entrance into the room? Even in a room with modern furniture, the following architectural elements can enhance the impression of a well presented room:

Crown or base moldings

Columns at the room entrance

Vaulted or tray ceilings

Built-in bookshelves


Make sure you have sufficient light and place it on a dimmer. Lighting needs vary and can immediately alter the mood and feel of the space. Lighting also changes how you perceive color.

Draw the Eye to a Focal Point

For more of an impact, create a focal point in the room. For example, if there is enough space, add a fireplace with a mantle. Your focal point might also be a custom or antique piece of furniture, perhaps made of rare material that you’re proud to display. Another approach might be a beautiful painting with lots of color in an otherwise neutral room. You might even consider something funky, like a surprise element in an unexpected color.

Make sure your main item stands out, and no other furniture in the room competes with it. Additional lighting can also highlight that item. Finally, when you fill the room, think of all other furniture as support elements to that one special piece. Don’t lose sight of that empty room you imagined in the beginning.

Don’t Overstuff a Room

Consider the functionality of a space and start with the most important pieces. A room with too much or too little furniture looks disorganized. Make sure the proportions of the furniture are appropriate. For example, a large room with small-scale, sparsely placed furniture may feel cold and uninviting.

Don’t buy a set of furniture. Instead, add coordinated pieces of furniture with similar colors. Don’t be afraid to mix woods and patterns. This may be tricky, but if done right, the room will look well designed, planned, and luxurious.

One last furniture tip: no matter how old or inexpensive furniture is, make sure it’s clean and in good shape. Nothing makes a room look more worn than a sagging seat, torn furniture or pillows that have lost their shape. A little reupholstery or change of pillows can make an old, worn room great again.

Clear the Clutter

Find a place for everything. If there is no place to put an item, create a place to store it, or move it out of your home. Built-in storage is ideal for storing extra dishes or small items that can be displayed but could be out-of-way.

For example, toys for young children tend to make a mess. You want them accessible, but they get tucked in corners of the room or on shelves meant for other things. To calm the chaos, invest in a storage ottoman that doubles as toy bins, or add a piece of furniture with drawers. If there is no space for another piece of furniture, place a toy storage bin elsewhere and take it out as needed.

Apply Finishing Touches

Window treatments with beautiful fabrics enhance your space. If you need to make a choice, it’s better to use more and less expensive fabric than to skimp with narrow panels of opulent fabric. Furthermore, For the illusion of higher ceilings, hang your window treatments as close to the ceiling as possible.

If your walls are bare besides the occasional artwork, consider adding molding to the wall such as crown, baseboard, chair rail, or ceiling. The molding doesn't have to be very traditional, it just adds more visual interest and detail to the space.

Finally, accessorize judiciously. Rather than cluttering the room with many small items, use a few meaningful objects. For example, a well placed large painting, mirror, or special item grouping will create an ambiance of richness and elegance.

If you would like to feel like you are living in the lap of luxury, but you’re not sure how to do it on your own, call (516) 234-5425 or email for more information or book a complimentary discovery call!

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