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How to Design a Future-Proof Home

We're entering a stage of inclusivity and awareness. Yes, the pandemic had a say in it, too, but it's global warming that started redefining the way we perceive and design our lives. Ever-ready is the name of the game. If humanity ever experienced or indulged in shortsightedness, we sure made amends and waved it goodbye. With everything that's been going on lately (while anticipating incoming x-factors), we have been witness to many changes, individually and globally speaking. And through our evolution as a collective, we've reached a simple truth, the most important one, at that. Our home is our nucleus. And as the climate changes and the future brings uncertainty, we're led to yet another simple truth: The world may be changing, but there's nothing stopping us from living our best, luxurious lives. Here is how to design a future-proof home. Ever-ready mode: ON.

Immaculate in the making

The timing is perfect. The 21st century has introduced us to advanced technology, and conveniently enough, humanity is experiencing an awakening. We have the tools and a deep understanding of where we are and where we're headed - and it's not a bad place to be. Building a future-proof home equals (and we're not exaggerating) building a legacy. We're striving for transcending structures, a home that will stand the test of time (taste, too). Think of it as architectural immortality, tailored to suit your personal needs. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

modern home exterior depicts how to design a future-proof home
Your future-proof home is a beacon

Expect the unexpected

We're not only talking about external factors; our needs can also create an element of surprise. So, what do we do? We foresee. We imagine various scenarios; will your family expand? How does having kids affect your home's style, and how do you make a symphony out of it? Think adaptable design. Prepare for surprises and growing needs. Spatial autonomy is critical, especially for younger families. "Live and let live" motto. Your maternal and paternal instincts may drive you to position your nursery right next to your master bedroom - if we fast-forward to 10 years from now - good idea? We suggest placing a bedroom down the hall instead.

Accessibility is future

Mindfulness is key to designing your future-proof home. As much as we enjoy the present moment, thinking about the future and our potential needs is crucial for surprise-proof planning. Split-level house plans are often riddled with blind spots. Stairs prove to be a challenge for toddlers and people with limited mobility. Think decades from now. Open floor plan, sliding doors, and step-free access to your outdoor area are crucial. Consider doorways for mobility purposes and windows for natural light; bigger is undoubtedly better.

spacious gray and white living room
You Design your Future

Green spaces for a green you

Every human being understands the importance of going green. If you want to design a future-proof home, it's time to start thinking about carbon footprints. Introducing eco-friendly build to your design is a win-win for everyone. We're slowly moving away from fossil fuel consumption and entering the "green pastures" of energy. Solar panels are a must-have. Airtight insulation results in a home that uses little to no power for cooling or heating. Introducing ground source heat pumps and mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems will reduce your home's footprint. Hiring a professional designer to help you with your future-proof home plan is a way to play this right.

Tech power

Smart home automation is here, and it's here to stay indefinitely. Simple life and leisure time are something we can only learn from reading a book (20th-century material, mostly). Time is of the essence. Comfort, too. So, introducing helpful little gadgets to your home design, like smart speakers, heating and cooling, home security systems, and lighting control, can come in handy when we're having a slow day. Or just for pamper. Technology is at our disposal; why not make the most of it? It's here to entertain us; it's here to assist us. Incorporating cutting-edge technology sounds pioneering; the truth is, it's bound to become mainstream any time now.

How do you design a future-proof home? By being a pioneer.
Glass Exterior with Pool

Smart storage hour

We can all identify with this one. From involuntary shopping sprees to children's toys, a storage unit is something we often overlook when designing our home. "We'll just donate." And it never happens. You get attached, and you can't let go. We know. That's why we say: Built-in everything! Don't underestimate your storage needs; there's no such thing as "too much space." According to experts from Clean Cut Moving, built-in window benches are any future-proof home's favorite.

It's all about longevity

Choose stamina. High-end materials can endure the test of time. You're future-proofing your home, remember? Investing in high-quality materials will ensure your home keeps that ever-lasting shine, decade after decade. We want the core to last; remodeling is always an option if we get tired of the same kitchen/bathroom tiles. Investing in triple-glazed windows, quality flooring, and woodwork will spare you a renovation or two down the years, especially if you're planning on selling or renting your home.

Outdoor area

A seamless indoor-outdoor flow is crucial for future-proof homes. The pandemic has taught us to appreciate our outdoor spaces like never before. So, we're embracing the trend, and we're determined to keep it, as it naturally becomes any interior's extension. The future is here to keep our social lives sustainable and well, offering entertainment and relaxation when needed. Outdoor kitchen, BBQ station, fireplace/heaters, cooling systems. Sounds good? Depending on your botanical choices, your backyard or garden can contribute to energy efficiency. Think water sufficiency. Succulents and other trees like cypress, cedar, and ginkgo have no problem running low on water.

Before going ahead

Building a home is not a task for the faint-hearted. It takes meticulous planning and a profound understanding of the process; we have professional designers for this reason. They will be more than happy to brainstorm and design a future-proof home with you. All you have to do is ask.

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