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Indoor- Outdoor Kitchen: The Best of Both Worlds.

Indoor-outdoor kitchen and patio

It's gorgeous outside. Do you sometimes wish it could last all year? Lots of people want the ambience of the outdoors, even if they lack a big backyard, don't like the bugs, or don't do well in the scorching sunlight. When entertaining, it’s natural for guests gather around the kitchen but imaging being able to combine your outdoor living space and your kitchen into one, allowing plenty of room for the guests to enjoy their time, and for the host to prepare the food.

Here are some ways to make a versatile indoor-outdoor kitchen:

Use Transformation Windows and/or Doors

Being able to open up your kitchen to an outdoor space is the true essence of an indoor-outdoor kitchen. Consider these options:

  • Bi-Fold windows allow for a multi-functional cooking experience. You can be cooking inside but feel as though you are outside.

  • Bi-Fold doors can act as a wall that give you the option of opening or closing to get that indoor/outdoor feel.

  • Continuous cabinets into the outdoor space can provide a seamless look, as if your kitchen is inclusive of both indoor and outdoor space.

Use Light and Color to Remind You

Just as people use essential oils and other natural sense to evoke pleasant memories, your use of color can do the same thing. Try these examples in a brightly lit room:

  • Blue, taupe, aqua, and purple might remind you of the ocean

  • Bold patterns reminiscent of the beautiful shapes and colors of Costa Rica.

  • Accessorize with bright colors and yellows.

Give Your Furniture an Outdoor Appearance

Many decorative furnishings make people think of the outdoors. Consider these examples:

  • Natural textiles

  • Wooden textures

  • Ceiling flanked in cedar

  • A seat or hammock hanging from the ceiling

  • Wicker-made furniture with soft or furry coverings

Some Benefits of Having an Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen Include:

  • No need to run new gas and/or electric lines to your outdoor space because the kitchen appliances remain in the house. You are simply opening up the space to transition to the outdoors.

  • No fear of the weather! Rain or shine, you will still be able to utilize your indoor portion of the kitchen. 

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