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Make Small Spaces Count

Strong contrast in a small space give the allusion of a grand space.

Whether it's a mudroom, washroom, spare bedroom, or just a space without a purpose, many of my clients struggle with small spaces in their home.

However, there are many ways to effectively utilize and design space that you are not exactly sure what to do with! Here are some opportunities to increase space without changing the footprint of your room!

Floor to Ceiling Shelving The best way to create more space is with storage that extends from floor to ceiling, allowing you to take complete advantage of all that vertical space! By taking belongings off the floor, you can make a perceivably bigger living space.

Pocket Doors Doors that don't open, but instead slide cleanly into the wall can help maximize wall space for potential storage options like bookcases or shelving. You can also leave them open without taking up too much space.

Multipurpose Furniture A table to eat at that can also serve as a desk for work is functional and space efficient. A pull-out sofa that can also serve as a guest bed allows you to have an entertainment space as well as an overnight guest. When you get more than one use out of a single piece of furniture, it means more room for you!

Hide furniture in the wall

Use a mechanism such as a murphy bed to move furniture off the floor when not in use,

There are manufacturers that create options for bed, desk, night table all-in-one. During the time those are not in use, the room can be used for other purposes.

Great accessories give this small space personality

The key to all the above is a well organized and thought out space. Proper floor plans and elevations that are thought out for aesthetics and functionality would be very helpful

to making the best use of the space. An experienced interior designer is the right person to contact for that.

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texture and color make this an interesting space


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