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Transitional Style: What It Means and Why It’s Hot

While considering decorating styles, you may come across the term “transitional design.” Although this trendy transitional design concept has been around for a while, many people are not clear on what it really means. That’s why I’d like to show you some illustrative examples.

How do we create a transitional style? Well, we can begin with a traditional style and add contemporary touches. If you prefer eclectic and personal spaces, then a transitional design may be a great choice for you, as it’s actually a mix of different styles. Indeed, it’s an appealing option for many people who want to renovate and modernize their homes. We can apply the term to furniture, finishes, rugs, wallpaper, or whole-room designs. Now, as we explore some examples, you’ll get a sense of the transitional style is for you.


Take a moment and envision an oriental rug or another traditional rug. Notice how it has a center pattern and a border. Now compare that with the transitional version, which may contain the same features in new colors. Or, it might be a more simplified version of the same concept: cleaner lines, less intricate, and more contemporary, with a familiar feel. As you can see, transitional rugs are influenced by both modern and traditional designs.

transitional rug designs

The transitional design can provide options to mix different styles and create to create an eclectic and personal space. Usually, they are a more subdued adaptation of the classic, perfectly infused with a bit of modern to create an interior decor that is timeless.

When we apply the term to space, we can use a more subdued adaptation of the classic, perfectly infused with a bit of modern to create a timeless interior décor. Transitional-style wallpaper choices can alter the entire look and feel of a room. For example, if you like the traditional floral style once used in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms, you might also appreciate a transitional variation. The flowers look more contemporary, more open, and less busy with new and updated hues. Yet, the concept is the same.

An update of traditional wallpaper

Furniture Upholstery

If you want to update your home, and you still like your traditional furniture, then consider upholstering your favorite chairs in new transitional fabrics. You’ll maintain that traditional feel, with a more current and fresh look. Not to mention, you’ll be more comfortable, too.

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