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A little bit of Sparkle in your space

Sometimes a room is nicely done but is missing a little visual interest or needs a little more depth. After making sure that there is sufficient light, great window treatments and the right scale of patterns in the room, take a look at the metals.

At interiors by Dafna Adler we love using metals in decorating. A room must have balance, proportion and good style to be well decorated. Materials such as brass, gold, silver, copper all add another dimension to color and material. They should be used strategically to add texture and layers in a space.

Choose one metal to be the main feature and then select other metals to add balance. For example, in a living room, metallic elements can be added to furniture such as coffee tables, side tables or lighting fixtures. One of the metals could ideally be repeated in several places to look united. Alternatively, You can use a table made of wood, glass and a metal and if adding a side table choose one of those materials.

In areas such as a kitchen, hanging copper pots with gold or stainless fixtures adds a touch of color. If the cabinets, floor, ceiling have muted tones adding a metallic chandelier can add charm and a little fun.

Or see how a kitchen featured in Traditional Home was changed by adding stylish sparkle to a functional kitchen

Adding accessories such as pillows, lamps or art work in silver and gold metals can make a room look more interesting. Pay attention to the scale and proportion of each item. Pillows can be trimmed with a metallic color, and can be mixed with other metallic colors. Pictures can be framed in a metal color. Even a metallic wallpaper can add some interest to a room.

Call in an expert designer and see your space transform!

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