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Adding art to your space

Enchanting Forest, original art work, Dafna Adler

Selecting Art Work

One of the most personal items that you can add to your space is art.

Art creates the personality and style in the room. It’s OK to take some risks and mix high end and low end or oversize with small and even vintage with new.

To begin, determine if you have certain color preferences or certain art mediums.

Whatever art work you select, it’s important that you love it and not just buy it for investment.


The frame of the art piece should work with the art work, not the space in which it will hang.

To unify several pieces of art work, should frames in similar colors or in simple range of colors such as neutrals. You can vary the frame style with wood, metal, white and black.

Floating frames are vary popular now for modern art pieces. It makes the art work look as if it’s hovering and adds a flair to the art work.


In general, choose art work that is larger then you think you need. This will create an impact in the space. Art work that hangs over the furniture should be at least half the length of the piece of furniture. If it’s not, you can group several pieces together. When grouping art work together, look for common themes. Colors can be complimentary or contrasting.

The other consideration in art placement is balance. Look at all the walls in the room and consider how the art work will affect the other walls. Its fine to create a focal point. If it will make the other walls look empty, add art work in a different size or color to create interest.

In a small room, you can stack art pieces vertically. This takes your eye upwards and can make a room appear higher.

Hanging the art

You can place a piece of cardboard or paper, the size of the painting on the wall to get a sense of how it will feel once on the wall.

Make sure you leave enough room for the frame between each picture.

In general art work should be hung at eye level. Always begin with the largest art piece.

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