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Interior Design Inspirations from India

I love travel: a feast for my eyes, brain and soul. When I return home, the new ideas inspire me. The images sit in an internal library in the back of my unconscious mind. Some of these wonderful pictures float to the surface as I design new spaces in clients’ homes.

My most recent trip was to explore India, a fascinating country with a complex economy, rich history, and religious diversity. Here’s how the scenery, colors, and patterns may influence my design and your vision, too.

Using Colors with Confidence

Colorful Sari
Colorful Pattern

Red, orange, saffron, white, bright green, and yellow. The Saris worn by the Indian women portray interesting color and pattern combinations. The colors are vibrant, strong and brilliant. On the one hand, while walking down the streets of New York, I see many women wearing black to work, or even to formal affairs. On the other hand, the Indian women wear their colors with confidence. Using such colors for furniture, or to accentuate a muted or neutral background, can make a room come alive. Here, I show a rug with a repetitive pattern in reds, oranges and blacks. The pattern defines the colors in a space without overwhelming it.

Hand crafted carpet

Adding Character with Handcrafted Rugs and Furniture Craftsmanship is an important aspect of Indian interior design. I had the opportunity to visit a factory that made hand knotted and hand block printed rugs. Seeing firsthand the amount of skill and hard work required to make each rug helped me appreciate its excellence. Each handmade rug is washed and checked for durability and quality. Here, we see men hand-weaving a rug in greens, golds, and oranges. The rug can look amazing with earth tones and wood furniture.

Use of Marble And Glass

Another special stop was seeing marble and glass furniture. Once again, I was impressed with the color and unique design of each piece. Each item is one of a kind because it is made by hand and

very detailed, with unique flower patterns. Having one piece in a room as a focal point is sufficient to make the whole room special.

Hand crafted

Using Color in Unusual Settings

Although strong color is not appropriate for every setting or space, it’s worth noting that it can change the energy in the room, adding an exciting touch of drama and confidence. Here, we see a loft painted in orange, saffron, black, cream and brown.

Warm colors

In Conclusion

Bottom line: take a chance, add color to your space, and always seek out quality in the items you buy. Following India’s example, we can achieve elegance with some key ingredients that include color. Furthermore, hand-made artisanal products add that special look to your home. For more personalized guidance from an experienced interior designer, give me a call 516 234-5425 or

book a complimentary discovery call!

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