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Telling Your Story with Custom Furnishings

Edited by Krista Giannak

Your tastes, style choices, where you live, what you display to your friends and family: these all reflect who you are and what is important to you. As an interior designer, my goal is to create a space that reflects each client’s personality and aesthetic. By portraying your uniqueness, I celebrate your individuality and how you choose to live. Notice how each of these custom furnishings is part of a client’s story.

A space can appear very special with a one of a kind piece of furniture that was created just for you. It all starts with an idea about what would suit a particular space for an individual client. I love evolving that idea into a real piece of furniture or a home accessory. That does not happen easily. First, I consider the materials that best suit the situation. Then, I draw the plans and confirm the measurements with the artisans who will craft the custom item. Finally, the artisans build my concept into a reality.

This picture shows a one-of-a kind cabinet that reflects the industrial chic tastes of one of my clients. It’s part of the story of someone who grew up in Brooklyn and wants to recreate the best parts of his childhood. Crafted from reclaimed wood,

antique style bulbs, and chicken-wire, this charming addition gives the room a young, rustic, Brooklyn feel. To achieve that vision, I collaborated with a team of cabinet makers who specialize in working with reclaimed, locally sourced wood to create the piece. We used industrial materials in a new and unique way to portray a luxurious and livable aesthetic.

Amathyst Stone

In another home, my client’s aesthetic called for high style and luxury. This beautifully designed living room tells the story of someone who loves television but hates the clutter associated with media centers these days. Real amethyst stone covers the TV console table. The unit hides the components used to watch the TV and gives the living room elegance.

This custom, functional use of cabinetry

tells the story of a practical person who also appreciates the finer things in life. As you can see, right next to the dining room, this white glass butler’s pantry hides folding chairs and dishes.

Bookshelves don’t have to be boring. Just ask the client who lives in this home. Custom shelving units add drama and style in a more traditional sense, for a person who is anything but boring. Notice the Greek key design added to the room that is already filled with molding and details.

Do you want to have your space reflect your taste and your personality? As an interior designer, I work with cabinet makers, welders, builders , stained glass masters, and other artisans to design custom pieces that make you feel special when you walk into your home. Perhaps an interior designer can help you create that space you’ve been dreaming about. Contact interiors by Dafna Adler at (516) 234-5425 for more information or email

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