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Creating a Dream Bathroom or Powder Room

Remodeling or redecorating a bathroom or powder room is a hassle for many people, but what if it could be fun instead? Imagine the freedom to follow your fancy. You could have a dream bathroom or powder room that you’d never want to re-do.

If you are uncertain how to approach the project, it’s best to consult a designer who has the experience to walk you through it. If you want to truly do something different, a designer can show you how.

Let’s face it: bathrooms aren’t necessarily easy to design well. Yet, the bathroom just might be the most used room in the house. Both technical and decorative considerations are equally important.


Key fixtures, like the toilet, vanity/sink, shower, and mirror, are usually placed against the walls, wherever the piping is most suitable. Bathroom design must follow certain constraints like water flow, as well as the placement of the waste line, doors, and windows. If you want to add a rain head shower, side bar wall flow, or soaker tub, we need to look closely at your water flow, storage, and pipe locations.

You may also dream of other bathroom luxuries such as a towel heater, radiant heat for your bare feet, a steam shower, light therapy, or a built-in music system. These amenities have electrical considerations that must be coordinated with your fixture placement.

Marble like tile provides a luxurious feel, yet is practical


An exotic look and feel might especially suit your guest bathroom, where you can let your imagination run away with great ideas. Once the basic layout is configured, style and color will set the desired look and feel. I often recommend neutral colors for the basic fixtures, combined with other elements to add interest to the room.


A limited color palette in soft hues of cream, sea-foam, and blue can create a soothing atmosphere. Otherwise, a white-on-white tone can look clean, open, and more modern.


If your tastes tend toward the exotic or unique, try a beautiful wallpaper in a well ventilated bathroom or powder room. If you select a busy wallpaper pattern, then a more clean look makes the most sense for everything else in the room. Remember: when there’s too

much to see, even if it’s all beautiful, the viewer can get lost in the process.

For a bathroom with a shower or tub, add a unique design with wall tile. For instance, consider laying regular subway tile out in a herringbone pattern.


Clearly, a bathroom can be so much more than a necessity. It can be a luxurious space, even a retreat. To discuss your specific bathroom or powder room needs, schedule a discovery call today.

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