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Design for Health and Wellness in the Kitchen

A clean and modern kitchen that promotes health and wellness

If there are ay lessons learned from the past few years of living with COVID, it is the importance of health and wellness in our home environment. A healthy environment can be achieved with well thought out good design. Starting with the room that is central to most homes, the kitchen is a great place to begin.

A few key ingredients to healthy design are good air-quality, clean surfaces and stress-free or reduced stress environment. Noise from appliances in the kitchen add to our stress level. Begin with quiet and energy-efficient appliances such as a dishwasher or a quiet fan. For good air quality, ensure sufficient ventilation by using the correct ventilator for your style of cooking and cooking appliance. And to reduce microbial infections use moisture-resistant materials.

A picture of the App store on the phone

Another trending idea is to simplify life, thereby reducing stress. One way to simplify is to use ‘smart’ appliances. These are appliances that can be managed with a phone App. For example, a ‘smart’ refrigerator can remind you with a text message when the filter needs to be changed, and if connected to a store such as Amazon Prime, a new filter can appear at your doorstep at the right time, or if something needs to be serviced, the service department can be notified automatically.

Cooking styles are changing as well. Induction cooking is used for safer and quicker results. Steam ovens, although taking a little longer, can replace the microwave especially for defrosting meat and chicken. This makes eating healthy food a more attainable endeavor. A glass door refrigerator where you can see the food inside without having to open the door is now available. Fill the refrigerator with healthy products and avoid having to open the refrigerator just to see what’s there. Add a hands free faucet to reduce germs that spread from potential bacteria.

Fresh fruit

Nature often helps make us feel more relaxed. and improve well-being. Biophilic design, or nature in the space, can be used by utilizing materials such as wood and adding natural and authentic elements. Lots of daylight and light neutral colors can sooth the senses. Add a light wood or real wood element in the kitchen and create a space where people can gather and work together to create a social environment.

These are all great starting points to a home kitchen that promotes good health and results in wellness in the mind and body. Read about how other spaces can be optimized for wellbeing. If you’re ready to begin the journey to modify your home for a healthy environment, contact an experienced interior designer, Dafna Adler, and schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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