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How to Mix Interior Design Styles in Your Home

 beautiful and luxurious living room
beautiful and luxurious living room

Have you thought of giving your home a fresh new look recently? If so, then you might want to try out some new colors, styles, and decorations. Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly possible to mix interior design styles and keep the luxurious appeal of your home. Keep in mind, however, that professional interior design assistance comes in handy. The right person can help you execute your interior ideas in a practical and doable way. But first, let’s take a look at the basic principles of style mixing in this article.

Experiment with themes

When it comes to themes, possibilities are endless. You can add some touch of East Asian cultures or spice your home with Morrocan shapes and patterns here and there. If you prefer cozier variants, the mountain lodge theme is an unmistakable choice. However, keep in mind the goal isn’t to turn your home into a Morrocan castle, for instance. Styles are supposed to follow your personal aesthetic preferences.

Be careful with color palettes

The color palettes you choose will dictate the overall mood of your home. If you want to play it safe:

  1. Pick neutral tones with a pop of color

  2. Avoid going full beige or cream, and instead, pick less muted color combinations.

  3. Combine light with darker cool tones (or warm tones.

Color Cards
Choose proper color schemes.

If you want to go bold with color schemes, make sure to do it the right way. You might want to consider hiring an experienced interior designer first. That dark-themed entrance hall or music studio your favorite celebrity prefers might look completely different in reality. Always consider camera angles and lighting when watching a celebrity home walk-through videos for inspiration.

Transitional styles work best

Blending is crucial when mixing different styles. You can give each room a different aesthetic redesign as long as you make the styles co-exist. The point is that so-called traditional styles meet modern ones smoothly, without stark contrasts. Here are some tips that will help you figure out the best style blend for your home:

  • Opt for bold furniture pieces in darker colors.

  • Choose leather and other complementary fabrics.

  • Neutral color schemes keep the room together.

  • One item of decor that stands out.

  • Classical shapes.

Make each room stand out

It’s completely fine if you prefer to keep a single style in the entire home and not go further than slight changes here and there. On the other hand, you can completely redesign your home and make each room unique. For example:

  • An old-school kitchen with a traditional-looking fridge, stove, warm color scheme, etc.

  • Cozy, mountain lodge-like living room with digital fireplace.

  • A bedroom is a personal space that should imitate your personal aesthetics.

  • A minimalistic home office space with cool or warm neutral tones, dark-color furniture, and square-shaped shelves with led stripes taped behind.

  • You can make your bathroom look like a Scandinavian sauna or Turkish hammam.

These are some of the examples that can make living in your home more interesting. Fortunately, there are many luxurious furniture and decoration options that easily follow the theme of each room.

Choose patterns and shapes that tie the room together

The trick is in patterns, as well as furniture shapes that keep the room together, even if there’s a chair that seems like an odd one. After you pick color schemes and furniture, check for some nice rugs for a start. A rug with a suitable pattern gives any space warmth and completes it. The same goes for wallpapers, tapestries, etc.

Keep your home clutter-free

A clutter-free, spacious and tidy home always looks expensive, especially with mixed styles. That’s why it’s necessary to declutter a home and make more room for new furniture and decor. When buying new stuff, make sure they complement your home and don’t seem scattered.

Make sure the decor you add doesn’t clutter your home.
Make sure the decor you add doesn’t clutter your home.

Refurbishment is a chance to start fresh with upgraded home aesthetics. That includes new items that contribute to the overall ambiance. At the same time, do your best to keep the home in check and make sure it doesn’t have too many unnecessary ornaments that clutter it. Moreover, there’s no need to hold onto anything that doesn’t fit your newfound interior style.

Make the most of furniture pieces that stand out

Check if you maybe have an odd-shaped furniture piece or anything that draws your attention the second you enter the room. Use it as a focal point and design the room accordingly. This is one of the safest techniques that can make the room look well-put, even with some extravagant sculptures, piano, chair and etc. As long as it looks like it belongs to the room, any similar items are more than welcome to have. A touch of extravagance and boldness is what upgrades any living room or bedroom.

Ask the interior designer for guidance

As already mentioned, your interior design ideas, even extravagant ones, can become a reality with professional assistance. For further information, please reach out for a complimentary discovery call.

Go one room at a time

Keep in mind that redesign is a process that needs time, especially if you plan to mix interior design styles. Therefore, make sure to do it room by room and avoid rushing. Rely on your chosen interior designer for advice whenever you have an idea in mind. That way, the result will remain luxurious and sophisticated from top to bottom.

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