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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

After being cooped up at home during the cold, rainy, or dreary winter months, it’s refreshing to make some changes to your home and bring in some fresh spring air from the outside.

Colorful pillows to spruce up for spring

Here are some easy changes you can implement now:


Take a look around at the colors of your rooms. Adding bright colors to a room in the form of accessories can bring it to life. Even if those colors did not exist in the room before, they'll look like they belong there if you add them in small quantities -- about three times around the room.

white, yellow and green pillows
Colorful pillows

Some suggestions:

* New pillows on the sofa in yellows, oranges and greens, or pillows with pictures, leaves or flowers. Geometric patterns in bright colors add a nice touch. If you already have a busy pattern, add solid, brightly colored pillows.

* Put flowers in a low, wide vase on your coffee table. Rich, vivid colors create visual interest, and greenery brings in the spring.

* Reupholster or repaint a small accent chair. Even older furniture can look new and fresh with a coat of paint. Make sure that you put a primer first, and then add a coat of high gloss lacquer paint.


  • Find a nice, sunny spot for a few pots with green, leafy plants. Even if the plants are made of silk, they'll still evoke that bright, spring feeling when you walk into the room. Place them on small tables or tree stumps.

three Garden Terrariums
Garden Terrarium
  • Add a garden terrarium with stones gathered from your garden.


Accentuating the wall is always worthwhile. It can be in the form of pictures or wallpaper.

  • Print springtime family portraits on canvas, or use photos of flowers, meadows, the ocean, ships, or the sky. For a wall montage, use a few of these in different sizes.

  • Choose a fun or otherwise unexpected wall decoration to draw the eye -- perhaps something memorable. Yard sales are abundant in the springtime, so be on the lookout for something unique that piques your interest. You could hang it on the wall or display it on a small shelf.

  • Add a wallpaper to the back of a shelving unit that has pictures of green foliage or bright flowers.


  • Change existing lightbulbs or fixtures to LED lighting (3000K). A well lit room creates a happier space. If possible, add a dimmer, specifically for LED lighting, so you'll be able to change the lighting level when you need to.


* Get some candles in your favorite aroma, and place them around the room. Choices might include sandalwood, Barry, honeysuckle, lavender, or candles with mixed seasonal scents.

Want more ideas to set just the right mood? Contact Dafna at (516) 234-5425 or email


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