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Steps to Finding the Interior Design Style That Is Perfect for Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be quite exciting. You get to start fresh in a new space and neighborhood, often even a new city. Moving around can also be quite strenuous, though. However, getting to decorate your new space just how you like it can be a welcome stress-reliever. You get to flex your creative muscles and focus on creating the perfect home.

Interior design swatches.

For many people, this will sound great in abstract terms and that’s about it. When it comes down to actually making design decisions, you might find yourself at a loss. Even if you have always felt as if you have quite a specific taste, it can often be difficult to know what that is supposed to look like in physical space. How do you go about envisioning what you want in practical terms? If you are unsure about where to start, follow these steps to finding the interior design style that is perfect for your new home.

Take it easy

You may feel tempted to start fresh as soon as you move into your new space. However, experts suggest taking some time before going to town on it. You want a chance to get to know the place and see how your existing belongings function within it. Rushing to design your home on your own could leave you with many impulse buys you won’t know what to do with. Once you’ve lived in the space for a while, the projects will announce themselves.

Unpacked boxes in the living room
You can put off unpacking for a bit before you figure out your interior design style.

So, planning is key when looking for the perfect interior design style for your new home. At this point, you could even consult professionals who can help you find that perfect marriage between your taste and the constraints of your space. Finally, having professionals like pack you up before your move will allow you to live inside your space for a little while without fully unpacking and taking up all of the space.

Look around you

Taking into account your immediate surroundings can point you in the direction of what could work well for your space. Interior designers say that they often look at the architecture to get inspiration and a place to start. This will ensure you find an interior design style that won’t feel mismatched with the space you are working with. It’s an especially useful starting point if you have no clue where to begin.

Put it into words

Getting the right vocabulary is one of the key steps to finding the interior design style that is perfect for your new home. How will you get inspiration or actual items if you don’t know what to look for? If you’re living in a ranch-style home, but you want a very modern, minimalist interior, those words will be the starting point for your search. Before you make any purchases, you will be able to find lots of images online. These will serve as inspiration for what you want the end product to be.

A young woman sitting in bed with her laptop
Do a bit of research to find what you like and create a vision board

Vision board

Can you really embark on any creative endeavor without creating a vision board first? Lucky for you, it has never been easier to make a vision board. Platforms like Pinterest and Houzz have put cutting and pasting far behind us. Nowadays, social networks reign supreme. So much so that one can even feel overwhelmed with the amount of content out there. It can even make you lose sight of what your very own design style is.

Our suggestion is to take a while to really stock up on inspiration. Your best bet is to pretty much pin anything and everything that catches your eye in the initial stage. Once you feel like you have enough to work with, you can edit it out and really hone your interior design style.

Finally, pay attention to anything that stands out from the rest. Perhaps most of your inspiration has been very minimalist, but there are a couple of pieces that you liked that can only be characterized as glam. This is important to notice so that you can infuse it throughout your home to make it feel more yours.

Take cue from your closet

Even though they are not exactly the same thing, there is sure to be some overlap between your fashion sense and your interior design style. Color is the easiest way the style of your clothes can seep into your décor. Say you wear a lot of blues and grays. It will be very easy to incorporate this into your interior. The same goes for people who like wearing bright colors or are very partial to a monochrome look. All of this can inform the interior design style that is perfect for your new home.

A very organized closet.
Use your closet as a source of inspiration, especially when it comes to colors and textures.

Use your closet as a source of inspiration, especially when it comes to colors and textures. Alt: A very organized closet.

Sometimes, even a particular outfit or piece of clothing can provide you with inspiration for interior design. For example, if you love the look of your old school uniform, you could infuse a bit of navy into your physical space as well. Perhaps you used to wear tartan skirts? A tartan wallpaper can really transform a room. Furthermore, if you love a chunky knit or wear a lot of vintage, stay on the lookout to incorporate these things into your dream home. This way, it will be exactly to your taste, but it will also feel more meaningful and personal.

Purge, then shop

Moving can be a very refreshing time, even though it can also cause a lot of stress. It is a great opportunity to purge from all of the things that made your space feel cluttered. Doing this, in turn, can aid you in finding the interior design style that is perfect for your new home.

Finding a bunch of images that you love is necessary, but it is also important to determine what it is that you absolutely do not want. Going through your things before or even after the move is a great way to do this. Get rid of anything that doesn’t go with what you want. Alternatively, simply store all items you don’t often use or that wouldn’t fit with your current aesthetic.

Once you have edited what you have, you can go shopping for fabulous pieces you really want with more confidence. Experts suggest getting something you feel really excited about as your first purchase. If that first item is something that you really love, you will easily find more matching items that will fit your interior design style.

For added assurance, call in an expert, Dafna, the principal designer of the firm Interiors by Dafna Adler

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