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Transforming a Room - From Plain to Special

When I walk into a room I’m about to design, my first consideration is space planning. Next, I ask myself, how can I transform this space? While I’m seeing the floor, ceiling, and four walls, I’m imagining a fully furnished room, complete with finishing touches that bring out its best features.

The fifth wall
Corner Detail

Furniture, window treatments, and finishes work together in context. I view a room almost like a sculpture that contains shapes of varying sizes, producing an end result where the client will be happy to live. To finish a room, the main idea is to consider all the surfaces in a space as we enhance the furnishings and accessories that will fill it.

Sometimes, the final design step can be as simple as choosing the right painting technique. We might also need a change in molding, a textured wall or ceiling, suitable wallpaper choices, or other materials. Now, let’s look at some examples of how a finish on a wall changed the look and vibe of a space.

Most of us have lived in homes, growing up with the idea that while walls are allowed some color, ceilings must be white. However, with the right kind of lighting, there are many other options to jazz up our spaces. For instance, in the dining room below, I pulled a metallic color from the chair fabrics and created a ceiling that reflects back into the room. With the light hitting it just right, the room becomes a wonderful, magical place to entertain. The walls, too, are painted with a golden hue to create contrast and bring in warm tones. This is how we took a regular dining room and made it special.

Taking a wall from plain to fab can also be done using a specific, decorative painted element, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, a corner of a room can become grand, with a detailed, sculptured finish. This custom designed wall finish takes an angled wall with no personality and gives it gravitas. Notice how changing the walls has the potential to enhance the whole look of the room.

A wall washed with cream and gold makes this room glow. The existing molding was enhanced to bring out the architectural elements and looks amazing in a traditional setting.

In a more modern setting, it’s important to coordinate every element in the room, including pipes, columns, and lighting. For example, the loft below was clad in stunning colors and decorated with light furniture to contrast the finishes.

Sometimes, a dash of the unexpected is just what a space needs. So we moved from ceiling to walls, and now, it’s time for floors. Multicolored wood flooring lends the room an eye-catching, memorable vibe.

Notice how these beautiful finishes enliven and add character to a space. Which ones are your style?

For more new and fresh ideas that can take your room from plain to fab, contact an experienced interior designer. Book a complimentary discovery call today, or call 516-234-5425.

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