Why hire a professional designer?

Decorating a room, or doing renovations, requires much more than just having good taste. People may wonder which professional to hire, when and how much it may cost. Among the many options, I would like to suggest that there are many good reasons to hire an interior designer even for small projects. The following are some ways that an interior designer may help out. First, the greatest benefit is the time element required to find the sources that are best suited for your space. It takes time to find the right color to paint the walls, or to the correct moulding for the room, and of course the best furniture, fabric or lighting for a space. Designers have the education, expertise and the sour

Is white the right color?

Many of my clients think that nothing can go wrong when they use white in their decorating scheme. After all white is a neutral, airy and fresh and well, white is white, Right. Actually, that’s wrong! There are innumerable shades of white and it can be challenging to pick the right white paint. Take your time; it’s an important decision and one that can impact the entire look of your room. The white that you select in the paint store can look entirely different in your room at home especially because white also reflects the other colors and furniture in yhe room. It can look incredibly bright and vivid or soft and subdued and yes, your geography matters too! So no, all whites are not the sam

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