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Fall home decor trends for your new place

Fall is always a perfect time to introduce some creative changes, refresh, and rejuvenate your home. If you have just moved, you are certainly eager to define your personal style at the new home, so our list of fall home decor trends for your new place will be very helpful. We have collected some excellent ideas to help you make your home cozy, pleasant, stylish, and appealing to both you and your visitors.

Decluttering first

Cluttering your home with various knickknacks is never a good practice, although a great majority of us simply can’t help it. We often find it difficult to part with some damaged or old-fashioned items we do not use anymore, as their emotional value is immense. However, if you just give some careful thinking to this idea, you will soon realize there is a perfect solution. You can always put items you don’t want away in a safe, climate-controlled storage unit and make them easily accessible once you decide to use them again.

On the other hand, unlike the recent belief that less is more and that minimalism is what gives our homes the coziness, beauty, and elegance, some interior designers have started promoting maximalism in interior design as a new trend. Namely, parting ways with some items is unnecessary if you know how to layer and combine them. So, this fall may be the time for you to be bold and start experimenting with colors, patterns, and accessories to give a more luxurious look to your home.

Paint samples
Experiment with colors and textures this fall.

New color for the new season

A fresh coat of paint can bring drastic changes to your new home. Red, orange, and yellow as classic fall colors are the first choice. However, this year is maybe the right time to opt for bolder, richer, and more effective color combinations. To give your home a dose of extraordinary elegance, accentuate certain areas with navy blue, olive green, mustard yellow, eggplant, or dark grey walls. Add a few matching accessories and you get a comfortable modern ambiance that pleases the homeowner and fascinates the visitors.

In addition, you can also explore some fun and unique wallpaper choices to apply in certain rooms. Available in various colors, patterns, and textures, wallpaper can do miracles for your new living space this fall.

Plush velvet furniture is the right choice

Purchasing a new home is an excellent opportunity to buy a few furniture items. The latest fall home décor trends for your new place include plush velvet furniture as a must-have. Not only is it effective in the living room, but it can also add glamour to your bedroom as well.

Plush velvet will keep you warm during cool nights, and give the interior of your home an extraordinary touch of luxury. More importantly, you will have no difficulties maintaining these pieces as they are incredibly easy to clean.

A plush velvet couch in the living room is the striking interior element you need. You will enjoy it immensely once the cold nights start. If you want the same touch of elegance and comfort in your bedroom, a bed with a velvet headboard is a good choice. Add a few velvet pillows on your bed and you get a perfectly trendy and comfortable oasis in the privacy of the new home.

 Two plush velvet chairs
Plush velvet furniture is very trendy.

Furniture with rattan accents is also trendy

As keeping up with the current design trends is an essential part of the lifestyle of a real New Yorker, we have to mention another fall home décor trend this year. Furniture with rattan accents is getting immensely popular. Major décor retailers have intensely been working on these pieces and have produced various combinations that will give exceptional charm to your new living space. From vintage rattan mirrors to armchairs and sofas, you can choose the pieces that suit your taste and match the interior..

Lighting options for this fall

Lighting is very important in every home. You can use it to evoke different emotions or to highlight some areas you are particularly fond of. This year, as always, candles are very popular and vintage brass candlesticks are essential elements if you want an elegant, eye-catching space. Furthermore, simple and subtle glass pillar lanterns will make your home inviting as they create a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Finally, to get a layered light effect, you should also consider creative wall sconces and you will be surprised with the glamorous result.

Don't forget about the outdoors

Our list of fall home décor trends for your new place would be incomplete without a few ideas on the outdoor space. Firstly, you might consider buying new outdoor furniture for the new yard. Wood furniture seems to be the best option, but the final choice depends on your taste. You can use concrete pavers or stepping stones to create several different areas in your yard if there is enough space. Finally, placing simple but highly elegant glass lanterns around your walkway or porch will provide you with maximum results through minimal effort.

A girl drinking wine in the yard
Don't forget the outdoors.

An essential part of fall decor - pumpkins

When someone says fall, pumpkins and gourds inevitably come to mind. They bring the genuine spirit of fall into our homes and yards. You can arrange them not only around the porch and front or back yard but inside your home as well. A simple trick to give these natural elements subtlety requires painting pumpkins and gourds in neutral colors. Then, they can be a stylish decoration on your living room table, next to potted plants, or in some empty corners.

For ideas on how to redecorate your home reach out for a discovery call.

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