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Maximalism in Interior Design

A relatively new trend is being touted in interior design, and it includes layering without cluttering. After many years of a minimalist look with muted tones, people are yearning for more bold color, texture, and pattern that can look good together.

Comfort, style and function work together

This new movement is called “maximalism.” It’s a thought process that includes 'more is more' but tastefully done. It does not mean adding clutter or stuffing anything together. It’s more about intentionally layering related items together. There is a fine balance that is required in adding patterns and items together thoughtfully.

Maximalism is defined by Wikipedia as is an “aesthetic of excess”. This movement is exhibited in the art, graphic arts and is characterized by decoration, sensuality, luxury and fantasy.

You can’t achieve the look simply by filling your space with decor. It shouldn’t be messy or random. You don’t have to commit all your space to maximalism, but you can borrow a few ideas to transform your space.

Here are some thoughts:

  • Show off your collections

  • Add pattern and more pattern, similar colors but different scale

  • Place lots of art work on the wall

  • Use bold color on the walls and furnishing.

Maximalism is used by in interior design projects by anyone who wants to stay ahead of the trend curve. That may include real estate developers, new luxury style developers, high end condominium builders and investors. Maximalism is the new wave and full future of interior design trends.

If you want to learn more or design with of the newest trends, contact Dafna Adler at or call 516-234-5425,

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