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How to Choose a Low Maintenance Home Design

Even though there is no such thing as a no-maintenance home, a low maintenance home is highly achievable. This means that you won't be spending your weekends working

low maintenance home design

household chores and that you will stop being a slave to your home and you will start enjoying it. There are some low maintenance home designs which will help you to spend more time off your feet. So, here we give you some tips on how to choose a low maintenance home design.

Get rid of clutter

First thing first, no matter if you are buying a new home and want a low maintenance designer, or you are looking to improve the efficiency of your existing home, you need to watch out for clutter. Spruce up your home for springtime and keep only the items you need. You can store the items that you won't be needing anymore, donate them, or sell them and make some extra cash.

Choose easy-clean surfaces and durable materials

For kitchen counters, use material such as quartz instead of marble. You can still have the look you love but not the constant maintenance required for marble. When it comes to floors, Wood floor are harder to keep clean than tile, and if they are not maintained you will have to have the floor sanded and resurfaced. That's why it may be an option to choose tile with a stunning area rug for comfort. With tile, you can create any tile pattern you want - if you choose natural material like terra cotta, you will mask dirt, plus the tiles don't need to be re-polished.

A man sitting on a white couch typing on a laptop
Low maintenance home design means that you will have less time cleaning the house and more time for yourself

Also, when it comes to furniture, there are some considerations in choosing a sofa. Make sure you choose easy-to-wipe materials such as leather since the fabrics are notoriously difficult to clean. Leather will give your home a luxurious look. Yet, if you still prefer the cozy feel of fabric, use stain-resistant treatment in Performance fabrics or chose stain-resistant fabrics such as Sunbrella or Crypton.

Low maintenance home design includes simpler moldings

Regal French moldings or detailed moldings on your walls collect dust and require care. Opting for simple and bare walls will reduce the hassle of cleaning bumps and ends. Nonetheless, if you want to make your walls interesting, you can find some fun, unique wallpaper choices and transform your room. Or create a stunning effect with custom faux paint.

Gold Marble Faux Paint
Create a stunning effect with faux paint marbleized look

The storage in your home is important

Though NYC has various storage options where you can place the items that you are not going to use for some time, you also need to have storage options in your home for items that you are using all the time. You need to make use of every nook and cranny. Planning your storage carefully will help you clean up in a hurry. The basic guidelines for storage are:

  • make storage near the place where the stored items are going to be used - you can have a window-seat storage for holding extra lap blankets for the sofa, and this would be much closer than a hall closet halfway across the house

  • make sure you can easily reach the most often used storage - Although closets that run all the way to the ceiling do make use of space, they will also slow you down since you will have to use a step stool to put things away. Use those high cabinets for items rarely used

  • chose furniture with storage - storage ottomans will give you a quick spot for stashing magazines, toys or throw blankets

Opt for the top to bottom cabinets

If you want to save yourself from cleaning the dirt and the dust, you need to use simplified design elements. Make sure you choose the cabinets that reach to the ceiling to avoid dusting above them for lower maintenance. These kind of cabinets will maximize your storage space and eliminate hard-to-clean places. Also try to avoid cabinet with open shelving that will require dusting.

A boy sitting on a carpet in the living room surrounded by toys and plants
Even If you don’t have a green thumb, you can still have plants in your home that require a low maintenance

Make a low maintenance garden

Even if you have a smaller place than the previous one, you can still have a garden in your home. You can plant a low maintenance garden if you carefully pick the plants that suit your home condition. Ask your local nursery to advise you what plants need less watering since this will cut down gardening time. Choose the plants that practically take care of themselves so you won't have to spend much time nourishing them.

When you want to buy a new home or to make updates around your current home, think long term and make your home serve you rather than the other way around. Owning a home means that you enjoy spending your time there, and you should not be a slave to it. So, follow these guidelines, and reap the benefits of a low maintenance home design.

If you would like to learn more about your options and choices of materials to use, please contact Dafna at 516-234-5425 or email or make an

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