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Reclaim the Space in Your Basement

For those of you who are struggling to find a place to work from home during the pandemic and another place for the kids to hang out, reapportioning your home’s limited space may seem like a tough challenge. But there’s a place in many homes that often goes underutilized: the basement. With some natural light and an egress window built for safety, the basement can actually serve many purposes. Let’s talk about a few ways to turn your basement into a more useful space that meets your goals.

Creating a Workout Space

Perhaps you need a dedicated spot for you and your exercise bike, weights, or yoga mat. Use a soft playground material or rubber-matted floor in your new work

out room. It will be easier on your feet and body while you exercise.

Then, paint the walls a bright color, or use painter’s tape to create a pattern on the walls that will invigorate you. Use strong, contrasting colors like yellow and blue, or orange and purple.

A New Home Office

More of us are working from home due to the pandemic, and it appears that this will continue to become a long-term option for more people. If your basement has enough space, add a room with a door for privacy. Otherwise, if a room with a door is not possible, a temporary divider can do the trick.

Add a desk, built-ins, and/or shelves for work-related paraphernalia. You’ll probably need a computer, printer, and scanner, so make sure the room is wired for Internet access and strong WIFI.

A Meditation Area

Need to escape your day-to-day high pressures and tension? Create an enclosed, quiet meditation oasis for yourself. Actually, this is easier than you might think. To set the mood, wire the room so that you can pipe in some soft music, and set up your space with your favorite aromatic candles.

Play Area

For a busy family, it’s nice when kids can escape to their own separate play area. When designing a play area, be sure to have sufficient storage for toys and games. For instance, you may want to consider air hockey, table tennis, or ping-pong equipment, and these games need room. Keep the walls light and bright with reds and corals, or for older teens, go edgy with dark walls and light trim. Just make sure the lighting is adequate.

Entertainment Area or Media Center

If you want that true home theater feel, the focal point for an entertainment area might be a big-screen TV or a projection screen that opens easily. Place lots of comfortable seating spaces and easily movable side tables for drinks and food. Then, put an area rug in front of the sofa or sectional, and voila, your family and friends can watch a streaming movie together in comfort.

Redesigning Your Basement

Would you like more usable space in your home? A well-designed basement might just be what you need, and an interior designer can help. Grab your discovery call slot on my calendar today.

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