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Things Nobody Tells You About Decorating Small Apartments

by Sophia Perry

A small apartment that is both functional and beautiful

Have you noticed that the apartments that are short of space can often be long on the charm? Decorating small apartments is a challenge and only those who are innovative, creative and trustworthy can win. Choosing lighter colors and less bulky furniture is something everybody knows should be done for maximizing space. But here are the things nobody tells you about decorating small apartments.

Functionality and design can go hand in hand

Often do we hear that a small apartment has to be functional while aesthetics gets the second place on the list of priorities. That is a misconception shared by amateurs and people who lack the experience in space decorating. Of course, getting everything right takes some time and a lot of effort. Luckily, nowadays, you can find pretty much everything you think of when it comes to decorating small apartments.

Functionality and design should go hand in hand

Of course, if you simply do not have the eye for nice stuff or you lack time to make your home pretty, yet functional, you can always rely on professionals. That is the same piece of advice we would give you if you were to look for help with moving your home - call professionals such as and you can be sure that your possessions are in safe hands.

Built-in furniture can make your space look bigger

Even though the floating design can make your apartment look airier and less closed-off, the built-ins are still more practical. Plus, it often turns out that free-standing furniture visually takes up more space than a built-in piece with the same dimensions. Of course, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. If you like rearranging your furniture from time to time, free-standing pieces might be the best choice for you. On the other hand, built-ins can hold more items, and that is a feature that every small apartment needs. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for built-in furniture:

Less cleaning underneath and behind the furniture.When the time comes for painting and redecorating, you will not have to think about the color of the wall trapped behind your built-in. Built-ins are great for avoiding clutter since they often receive more stuff than the free-standing pieces of furniture.

Open-concept requires is a lot of work

Many people think that open-concept is the best solution for a tiny apartment. Ok, it might be so in theory. However, spaces that serve for many purposes get cluttered more easily. Think about it - a messy bed that some people leave in the morning when they rush to work is better left behind the closed door of a bedroom, right? And don't get us started on the kitchen. Spotless countertops, sparkling clean oven door, and always clean kitchen elements are more often found in magazines than in real life. Unfortunately, open-concept requires regular and almost daily cleaning and decluttering to show its full potential. It is easy to see why this is not the best choice for busy people who have other things on their mind when they come home from work.

Open-space concept that is one of the ways for decorating small apartments
One of the things nobody tells you about decorating small apartments is that open-space is not for everybody

Adding layers when decorating small apartments can make them look spacious

Small places lack depth. Luckily, that can be changed by adding layers to the design of your living space. Incorporating color, patterns, and texture will make your apartment look more spacious. With the right choice of layers, you can achieve the luxurious appearance of any room regardless of its size. That can be done by adding rugs, cushions, throws, and many other objects that are perfect for expressing your personal style at home. Just be careful not to go overboard with layering. You wouldn't want your place to be too overwhelming, would you?

Design gurus encourage us to experiment with decorative items. Just like the fashion changes in terms of clothes, interior designs evolve too. Mixing and matching more styles used to be unimaginable, but now even some contrasting combination can be a winning one for you. Try not to stick to stereotypes - your home office doesn't have to resemble your regular one, right?

Shapes set the mood

Similarly to adding layers when decorating, you can add curves to make space look more attractive. Small apartments usually have a monotone shape. There is nothing wrong with simple, clean lines, but the curvacious furniture will contribute to the warmth and coziness. That goes for decorative items alike. For instance, if you are not sure whether you should choose a round table or a rectangular one - think about the impression you are trying to make and then make your decision. Remember, the decorative items with asymmetrical shapes are usually the ones that make a statement.

A small living room with a statement rug and wall décor
Interesting shapes are great for layering

Every unused inch of the space can be a hidden treasure

Ok, this is not something new. The lack of space in small apartments is a common problem for all people living in such spaces. But, you should know where to look for some spare room. Instead of exploiting the most obvious locations like the one underneath your bed or on top of your fridge, look further. You might find that space right next to your door can be great for modern storage systems, a lot of which are vertical. Also, if you are thinking of delineating space areas, there are great solutions you can try. For instance, instead of putting up a wall between the two areas, you can make them visually separated by putting a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Not only will your place be more practical, but it will also look more interesting.

Have you thought of giving small places in your apartment more than one purpose?

When decorating small apartments, the most crucial decision you should make is which room will serve which purpose. Ok, your bathroom and your kitchen will probably stay where they were originally planned to be, but think about other rooms. Think outside the box and move your furniture around until you strike the combination that you like most. Also, don't forget that using multifunctional furniture is priceless when decorating small apartments. Nowadays, you can find those pieces of furniture in all shapes and sizes. They can also fit any style and they will definitely make small spaces in your home count.

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