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Upgrades to Make Your Kitchen More Luxurious

a luxurious and spacious kitchen
a luxurious and spacious kitchen

The kitchen is where we spend long cooking sessions and have a morning coffee. So, why not give it a little upgrade? With just a few simple tricks, you can make your kitchen more luxurious. The tips shared in this article will make the whole process seamless.

Style your counter for a more luxurious and cozy appeal

The kitchen counter is what can make your kitchen look from neglected to high-end in no time. Is your kitchen counter already outdated? Does it take too long to clean it? These are common signs that a kitchen counter should be replaced with a new, more luxurious version. Choose fine materials and patterns if you like. However, make sure to pick the patterns that don’t steal the spotlight. Add a lamp or another expensive-looking item to your kitchen cabinet. It acts as a focal point that dictates the overall look of your kitchen. You can additionally accessorize with small houseplants, and you’re all set up.

Light up

Under-cabinet strip lighting and light bars add a cozy feel to your kitchen. All you need is the adhesive lighting of your choice. Opt for white LED light instead of traditional yellow light.

cozy-looking kitchen
Choose a different color scheme for your kitchen and add discreet under-cabinet lights. Keep clutter away.

Clutter makes even the top-notch designed space less luxurious. As soon as you notice clutter keeps piling up, start getting rid of unnecessary junk. Take out expired foods, sweets, and spices from a cabinet. Ensure there’s nothing on the kitchen counter other than necessities. Make a separate appliance garage for kettles, toasters, and other appliances. When decluttered, the kitchen keeps its high-end and refreshed look.

Keep the kitchen clean

Give your kitchen a clean every day for at least 10-15min. Also, make sure to clean and disinfect it fully once a week thoroughly. Once done, fragrance your kitchen with scented candles or an electronic diffuser. Sandalwood, lime, and tangerine are proven to be the best scents for a high-end kitchen.

Switch to glass jars

A bunch of packaging and cans on a kitchen shelf take the luxury look away. This can be fixed with glass jars. Get multiple glass jars of the same sizes and shapes.

Stuff them with pasta, sweets, spices, coffee, etc.

Not only will you minimize the mess,

filled glass jars on a kitchen counter
Keep snacks, pasta, and spices in glass jars.

but you will also make your kitchen shelf look clean and expensive.

Replace faucets and kitchen cabinets

Outdated faucets bring down the look of your kitchen, even after a thorough cleaning. Fortunately, faucets, as well as kitchen cabinets and drawers, are easily replaceable. This is the right opportunity to choose different, more expensive-looking faucets and replace cabinets with new ones.

Choose one of the color schemes that can make your kitchen more luxurious

If you want to make your kitchen more luxurious, take a look at your kitchen walls. Do they seem too plain and dull? If so, then choose one of these color schemes stylists and designers agree upon:

  • Pale green (cabinets), warm white (kitchen counter), wood tones (floors)

  • Mint green (cabinets), white (cabinets), black (chairs and other smaller furniture pieces)

  • White (walls and counter), black (chairs, lamps), wood (beams)

  • White (walls), light gray & chocolate brown (cabinets and furniture), honey-wood (floors)

Even simpler color schemes may bring out the luxury appeal of your kitchen as well:

  • White, cocoa brown, pale sage green

  • Grayish-green, wood tones, white

  • Navy-blue, gold, and gray

Remodel the entire kitchen

Minor upgrades can work wonders for your kitchen’s appearance. However, if you feel like it’s time to give a kitchen a top-to-bottom upgrade, wait no more and start planning. Go online and check interior design magazines for fresh ideas. Don’t start until you’re entirely sure it’s the design you envisioned. Hire specialists with excellent reviews who can make your envisioned design happen and ensure a damage-free kitchen renovation process.

Keep in mind that home renovations are often messy. And yet, it’s necessary to have your items close by in case you need them. A spacious, climatized, and pest-free storage unit solves this issue. So, get the items out of your way and store them in a portable container or self-storage. Before you sign a rental agreement, check with the company if they allow 24/7 accessibility. Also, request to see the units in person before you make a final decision.

Upgrade your kitchen items

Everyday kitchen items either steal from luxurious style or add up to it:

  • Aesthetically pleasing appliances - Swap appliances for the version that accompanies your kitchen’s aesthetic.

  • A wood cutting board - Much better-looking and more durable solution than a plastic cutting board that looks messier as the days go by.

  • Dish detergent - Swap plastic bottles with an amber dispenser.

  • Drying mat – It takes up less space and looks more appealing than the regular drying rack.

Hire an interior designer

If you feel unsure about your kitchen redesign, it might be the right time to hire an interior designer. There’s no one who can sketch your future kitchen according to your tastes and possibilities. Whether you have a smaller or bigger kitchen to renovate, a professional interior designer will show you how to make it happen. Therefore, ensure an interior designer who handles your redesign project is an experienced professional. Before you hire anyone specifically, take time to check their credentials, portfolio, and reviews. Compare a few designers and choose the one you’d like to have your kitchen remodeled.

Don’t hesitate to share ideas you have with your chosen designer. They will take all your wishes into account and curate a new design according to possibilities. In addition, a designer will introduce you to various winning interior design styles you might like. Schedule a discovery call with Dafna Adler to find out how she works.

Upgrade your kitchen step by step

Plan your kitchen upgrade in accordance with your schedule, especially if you intend to renovate it whole. For example, let Monday be a day for repainting and Tuesday for furniture setup. After that, think of a follow-up decor such as a painting, plant, or mini sculpture. A step-by-step approach is far better than spending a whole day upgrading everything in your kitchen. You’ll avoid exhaustion and actually enjoy the process. So, don’t rush, and make your kitchen more luxurious one day at a time.

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