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Interior Design Ideas to Avoid When Renovating Your Luxury Home

Large living room
Feature image A nicely designed luxury living room

Every once in a while, we all wish to make some changes to our homes. It’s natural to want your home to look modern and up-to-date with the current trends. Or you simply got bored of how it looks and want something new. Whatever the case, it’s essential to know that a home renovation can go sideways quickly if you are not smart about it. Especially when you are renovating a big luxury home with a big budget, interior design can be tricky, and something you imagined looking great in your head can be a complete disaster in reality. That’s why informing yourself about this before undertaking a project as big and expensive as the home renovation is essential. We decided to help a little and made a list of interior design ideas to avoid when renovating your luxury home.

What interior design ideas to avoid when renovating?

Here are some of the top interior design ideas to avoid when renovating your home. People often make these design mistakes and regret them very much.

  • Avoid overspending and making your home kitschy.

  • Avoid making your home look empty and cold

  • Avoid unnecessarily throwing things away

  • Avoid the “style over practicality” idea

Don’t go overboard with your budget

Renovating a luxury home is a double-edged sword. When renovating a luxury home, you usually have a big budget. And yes, having a big budget means you are not limited by what you can afford and get quality items and services. On the other hand, when they have budgets like that, some people go in the wrong direction. When people are inexperienced with renovating and interior design and have a huge budget, they tend to go overboard with everything.

oversized fire wood holder
Avoid mistakes of scale and proportion

Instead of renovating one room at once, they start renovating the whole house. That is impossible to keep in check, and mistakes will likely happen. The next problem is a matter of taste. Some people seem to think that just because something

is expensive and they can afford it, they should. So, they fill their luxury home with expensive items that don’t look aesthetically pleasing, ending up like a big kitschy mess. Just throwing money at expensive

things is not a good interior design idea.

Don’t make it look like nobody lives there

There is an interior design trend, especially among luxury celebrity homes, where they make their home seem like nobody lives there. Many monochromes are happening, and minimalism is at an all-time high. Nothing sug

gests that real people live their everyday lives there. That makes a home look utterly devoid of any warmth and charm. So, avoid this interior design idea if you plan on renovating your luxury home soon. Our homes should reflect who we are and not look completely basic. Also, a home all in one color is not groundbreaking. It is pretty unimaginative and dull. Those little personal touches are what make a home distinct. Leave the gray and white home interior in the past. You will see that it will look cozier and warmer.

Renovating doesn’t mean throwing everything away

There is an idea that if you are renovating, you need to buy everything new and start from scratch. That is an entirely wrong approach, and you should avoid it. For example, if you renovate your living room, you don’t necessarily have to eliminate all the existing elements. First, it is needlessly expensive, and second, it’s unnecessary.

If you are getting all the new furniture, you must find some storage space to keep it there. And in cities like New York, for example, that can be difficult this time of year, as many storage units are already booked.

 Three numbered storage units
You can transform your existing furniture instead of putting it in a storage unit.

.That also means looking for residential movers in NYC to move furniture, and it can be hard to find the right assistance if you don’t know where to look. So, be creative with your existing furniture when renovating your luxury home.

Avoid the “style over practicality” idea

Yes, making a home look good is the primary goal of renovation, but this doesn’t mean you should forget about practicality. Your home needs to be functional and practical once done renovating. People often have to fix their renovation mistakes, which can get pricey. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your home aesthetic will suffer, you will just have to be a little more creative. For example, people often get so carried away when renovating luxury homes that they forget to plan for storage space. That is a bad oversight and will make your home very impractical. You need to try and find a balance between functionality and style. A good interior designer knows about this and have much experience in this area. It is always better to consult professionals than to do something reckless.

In conclusion

Interior design is tricky, and adding to that a big budget and a luxury home can create quite a stressful situation for the renovator. So, knowing about these interior design ideas to avoid when renovating is paramount. As you can see, it’s about taking it slow and being intelligent and creative. When renovating, you do not need to spend much money or replace all the existing elements. And if you ever get confused and stressed about the direction your home renovation is heading into, it’s always ok to stop and ask for advice and help from some professionals. Reach out for a complimentary discovery call.

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