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Color inspiration

How do you decide what color to paint a room or which colors of material to use?

That is a question that comes up frequently in design conversations among my clients and colleagues. When choosing colors to decorate a room, my client may or may not have an idea of which colors they like. We all have unique preferences and experiences with color because colors affect each of us differently.

When I need inspiration for paint colors I look at nature. Periodically I attend the Orchid Show at the NY Botanical Garden and am so amazed by the range of color, hues and a diversity of shades. The natural combinations of adjacent or contrasting colors inspire me with creative solutions

One client of mine that favored the color purple and wanted her living room to reflect this color. So by pairing purple with white and adding accessories and floral, we created a space that reflected my clients taste, and gave the space a relaxing feeling.

The color pink inspired another client. With a combination of whites and soft pinks and yellows, we created a serene and impressive living room that beamed with elegance.

Lastly, another example of how nature was combined with taste and preference was with one of my clients who liked orange and red tones. This created a bright yet soft living space.

Take a walk and observe what colors you see around you, maybe you will be inspired too.

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