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5 Easy Ways to Encourage Peace and Romance in Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom designed well?

Let’s face it: out of necessity, we have all been spending more time at home, and it can feel like there’s nowhere we can go to get away. Couples with school-age children have had to carve out a spot where each person in the house could get their work done. Makeshift home offices have become the norm, even in crowded NYC apartments.

Does your bedroom feel like a refuge? If you’re anything like my clients, then maybe your bedroom is feeling a bit dated or otherwise stale. Here are a few tips on how to update your bedroom to create a more romantic and restful atmosphere. Small changes to your home environment can go a long way toward improving your well-being.

Romantic bedroom

1. Declutter

It goes without saying that disorganized messes aren’t conducive to a restful mind, so here’s the remedy: find a place for everything, and remove what doesn’t belong in the bedroom. When each item has its regular place, the cleaning becomes much easier. Plus, if the room must include a makeshift office, add a screen to separate it from the sleeping area. If you haven’t tried this separation yet, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover what a difference it can make.

2. Focus on the Bed

Is your bed comfortable? Make sure the mattress suits you. If you’re not sleeping restfully, then it might be time for a new bed, perhaps with a comfortable fabric or leather headboard to prominently display it in the room. Furthermore, nothing quite compares to the feeling of luxurious sheets and quality bedding, so choose something inviting and appealing. It’s also helpful to remember that many things in your home, including bedroom furniture, benefit from a refresh on a 10-year update cycle.

3. Set the Mood with the Right Lighting

When it comes to appropriately calming bedroom lighting, think soft and inviting. Think for a moment about the sort of lighting that makes you feel relaxed and at peace. An overhead fixture with a dimmer evokes these feelings. Then, complete the romantic mood by adding candles.

4. Use All Your Senses

Now that you enjoy the feel of your new bedding and you’ve begun to set the right mood, consider accessorizing your space to create other sensual experiences. For instance, you could place a soft area rug under the bed. With this easy change, those first barefoot steps as you get out of bed will be so much more pleasant each morning. Need a little something extra? Try listening to soft music and placing glasses of wine so you can enjoy pleasant sounds and tastes in the evenings.

5. Add Window Treatments

Window treatments with soft, breezy panels will warm up the space and give it a completed look. While we’re at it, keep in mind that window treatments are an excellent way to make any room feel more homey and welcoming.

sheer window panels
window treatments

2021 has come, and with it, the hope of eventually putting our COVID routines to bed. Many of us have struggled with some important lessons about fostering peace and harmony in the home during this difficult time. So why not make the best of it and walk away with some lasting positive changes to your evening sanctuary? For more help, book a complimentary discovery call!

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