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DIY Interior Design Projects you can do During Lockdown

 A neatly arranged home office in a room, one of many DIY interior design projects you can do during lockdown.
Making changes in your living space is an excellent example of productively spending your time during lockdown.

Being in lockdown due to the current pandemic can drive a person mad with boredom. This situation pushes us forward to come up with the most creative ways to entertain ourselves. Nevertheless, a lot of people use this opportunity to do something productive, like learning a new language, reading books or enrolling in online courses to learn new skills. With that in mind, there is one more activity that is just perfect for the current situation, and that is working on the improvements in your living space. A whole cluster of DIY interior design projects you can do during lockdown so pull your sleeves up and get to work!

Where to find inspiration

A DIY interior design project is a fun thing to do, but it almost exclusively requires a minimum of shopping for some materials. Furthermore, you need to find inspiration and create a plan. If you are confined in your four walls, that can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, here are some suggestions on how to inspire yourself and start this project fresh and energized.

Social media apps

Social media apps have become an inseparable part of our lives. Besides communication, they are also a source of vast information. For this specific case, I suggest looking at two apps:

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

Instagram is the perfect place that can help you define your personal style at home. Many profiles are dedicated to this topic, and you can find a lot of useful DIY interior design projects you can do during lockdown. You can even find online stores in your area where you can purchase some of the materials for the renovation. If they are nearby, you can get that delivered to your address within a couple of days.

A neatly decorated room in an apartment with a lot of empty space.
Instagram and Pinterest can help you discover easy ways to utilize space in your home.

Pinterest is very useful when looking for DIY projects of any sort. Furthermore, there is a mountain of pictures that can inspire almost anyone. Take a look at for inspiration.

Social media apps will awake your creative freedom and help you come up with an idea, and that is all you need for a start!

Magazines and house design websites

Another option is to look at magazines and interior design websites such as Houzz. However, have in mind that those have more than simple DIY projects. These project may require a fair amount of materials that you currently can't get your hands on. However, an Interior Designer can have access to some of these items.

Look for advice from a professional

A virtual design consultant can easily help you out with this project. You can connect by phone or any app that supports video calls. They can look at your home, and help you to decide what changes to make, and how to do that in the most productive way.

Tips and tricks

For the DYI'ers, here are some tips of things you can do on your own:

I believe that these will have the highest percentage of success, and are fairly easy to do:

  • Cleaning the place

  • Minimalistic design

  • Decluttering

  • Color selection

  • Lighting

Cleaning the place

One important thing to consider is cleaning the place. Have in mind that some renovations might create mess. Cleaning before and after will just double your work. It is best to leave the cleaning for after you have completed your interior redesign project.

Nevertheless, if you are moving furniture, always remember to clean the spot before you move it.

Minimalistic design

The best way to open space in your home is to make small spaces count. Minimalistic design helps you to highlight the best features of the rooms. The crucial role in using all the space is to properly set the layout of the furniture. You will be amazed when you find out how a few little changes can make a difference. And, it will be a nice change from time to time.

A white counter with different plants.
Adding a few plants is a great way to introduce some color in your living room or kitchen.


If you want to utilize space in the best possible way, it is essential to declutter your apartment first. However, do not just go and throw away everything you think you don't need. Before you do so, do a small research online and find hacks you can use for the things you wish to throw away. You may find a purpose for them you didn't know it existed.

Color selection

Picking the right colors for your rooms can make a huge difference. While you can't go out and buy different materials, what you can do is make a list of all the colored items in your room and try to sort them out by matching colors. It may be a bit tricky to make it work, but if you succeed, the results will be amazing!

A blue sofa with patterns next to a small black table with a book with blue covers, in front of a wall painted in a light blue color.
Matching colors will create a unique harmony in your home.


Adding lighting to your place is just useful in so many ways. The best way to achieve it is to get rid of any drapes and thoroughly clean the windows. Another thing to consider is to remove anything that may prevent the light from reaching all the corners of the room.

Do not stop here!

Have in mind that these changes can be useful for more than just doing DIY interior design projects you can do during lockdown. If at any moment you decide to move to a different place when the situation returns to normal, you can use these tips and best practices to brighten up your new home.

As an additional piece of advice, Capital City Movers NYC can help you plan a relocation even during the pandemic.

Inspire others

The last thing I can say is to try and inspire others with these DIY interior design projects you can do during lockdown. You might have a lot of friends who are looking to do the same project, but they lack ideas. Always remember that if they need professional advice they can call dafna at 516-234-5425 or by email

Schedule a discovery call to find the service that is most suitable to you!

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