Architects and Architectural Designers Who Influence my Interior Design Sensibility

As a designer, I love traveling as I seek out different architectural and design styles. It excites me to see how creative people think. Exploring different architectural experiences fills me with stimulating new ideas and thought patterns. Wild and Organic: Antoni Gaudi A trip to Barcelona, Spain, exposed me to Antoni Gaudi’s novel architectural approach. I noticed how each and every surface, even the chimneys of his houses, donned a special design. His careful attention to scale, materials, and other details also impressed me. Making the Everyday Become Beautiful Gaudi's creativity shows how every object is an opportunity for design. For example, in my work, I might sometimes see unconven

Seven DOs and DON'Ts in Decorating Your Home Quiz

Designing your home requires more than a keen eye. What may look amazing in a showroom may not necessarily look great in your home. Do you paint the whole house and then furnish it? A. DON’T paint the whole house first B. DO paint the walls first, then match everything else Answer: A Paint is the least expensive choice and the most flexible. Decide on the large items first, such as a rug or sofa, and pull a color from those items to paint your walls. DO choose lighting, fabrics and finishes carefully. Since people perceive color differently based on lighting and surrounding colors in the room, choose the fabrics and finishes and decide what type of lighting you will use. 2. Do you s

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