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6 Ways to Hide Technology in Your Home

Photo of a modern living room with dining space as a featured image for a post about ways to hide technology in your home
Modern Living Room

No matter how luxurious and elegant your home is, exposed wires and tech can really ruin the impression it makes. Even though we can imagine our lives without it, technology doesn't usually contribute anything to the overall aesthetic, It generates a lot of visual clutter, and it's probably not something any of us want to be staring at. Let's be honest - only rare technology pieces appeal to the eye. So why not try some clever ways to hide technology in your home? You can still future-proof your home while maintaining its sleek and elegant look. Here are a few helpful tips to disguise wires and tech around your home.

Do you really need that much technology in your home?

Before you start reading about ways to disguise tech in your home, stop and think about all the tech equipment you possess. Do you really need all of it? Nowadays, not a day goes by that a newer and improved model of a phone or TV shows up on the market. Many people fall on this marketing strategy and end up with many unnecessary things. If you are one of them, it's probably a good time for a decluttering session.

Large modern living room with a tow of bookshelves and a wall-mounted tv between them
If you want your home to keep its elegant and luxurious feel, hiding unsightly cables and tech is a must.

Therefore, make sure to go through your items and select the ones you want to keep. There will probably be many things you don't currently use but are in good condition. Renting storage is a great alternative solution for your items, however, if you're sure you will never use them again, consider donating them or giving them to your friends or family.

How to hide technology in your home?

Now that your home is free of tech clutter let's find out how to hide technology in your home.

1) Use faux boxes to hide technology in your home

If you're not careful, all of the 'techy' boxes in your home, such as your router, for example, could become the room's unintended focal point. So why not use faux boxes to disguise them? You can hide many unwanted gadgets and hubs behind a fake collection of books on the shelves. The best part is that there are plenty of great options to choose from.

2) Disguise unsightly wires and cords

The impression of any space in your house can be ruined if there are any exposed wires and cords. They can distract the eye and make the entire room in your home feel off-putting. Luckily, there are simple ways to disguise any unsightly cords or wires and prevent this from happening.

Different charges and cables plugged into different wall sockets
Exposed cabling and wires can make your home look unappealing and give a completely different impression.

For example, you can use an area rug to hide the cords of your one-of-a-kind floor lamp. Something as simple as drilling a tiny hole in your area rug can make a huge difference and make your home look much neater. Or, you can simply paint over the power cable of your wall-mounted TV in the same color as the wall and completely camouflage it.

3) Transform your TV into a piece of art

Do you remember the days when TV cabinets and consoles took up a whole wall? Luckily, those days are far behind us, but that still doesn't mean your state-of-the-art smart TV can't look better. After all, your TV can make or break a room, so its place in your home is important. Nowadays, you can even give your television the appearance of a work of art with relatively little effort. Some manufacturers offer customizable frames explicitly designed for their TVs.

Imagine mounting your new TV on the wall and directing the picture to your favorite painting or photograph. Some TVs even come with pre-loaded photographs and paintings you can choose from. Or, you can always download an app that will give you plenty of exciting layouts and designs to turn your TV into a piece of art.

4) Use magnets to hide remotes under your coffee table

Aside from the many television-related remotes you might have, there are also remotes for heaters and air conditioners. If you want to prevent them from making your room feel cluttered, you can attach a magnet to the back of each remote and a magnetic strip to the underside of your coffee table. Or, you can do this at any other spot that is easily reachable but out of the way and sight. Whenever you are done using the remote, you can easily hide it again.

5) Invest in smart furniture

One of the easiest ways to hide tech in your home is to invest in smart furniture pieces. For instance, sofas with built-in USB connections or coffee tables with wireless charges. They are as practical as good-looking, so if you're planning on redecorating your place, they are a perfect choice.

Even if you are not planning on doing a full remodel, you can always update some furniture pieces and refresh different areas in your home. If your old furniture is still in good shape, you can donate it to your favorite charity. Or, you can rent a storage unit. Who knows, maybe you'll decide to bring some retro pieces back to your home in the future.

6) Invest in bespoke furniture pieces to hide technology in your home

There is a big chance you have paperwork-related tech in your home, such as a printer, scanner, shredder, or similar. And, unless you're fortunate enough to have a dedicated home office, they're usually quite large and unsightly in most rooms. One of the best ways to avoid seeing home office technology on a daily basis is to use furniture specifically designed to hide it, You can always order custom cabinetry and disguise everything you don't want to be seen.

Custom-made TV cabinet with two built-in shelves on each side in a modern living room
Investing in bespoke furniture might be expensive, but it's the best way to hide technology in your home.

How will you hide technology in your home?

We hope this article inspired you to find even more clever ways to hide technology in your home. Of course, the best way to go is to book your consultation with an interior design pro who will give you useful tips and advice and help you transform your living space to make you fall in love with it all over again!

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