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Does Your TV Make or Break a Room?

The television is an important fixture of life at home these days. Streamlining our enjoyment of movies, shows,

Framed TV with painting option

sports, and other games, the smart TV has become a central focus of home entertainment. However, from a design perspective, large black screens are replacing the décor we want, like colorful paintings or photographs on the walls. If you've resigned yourself to this unsightly.

1. Display a Framed Photo on the Screen

Several television options replace your black screen with a pleasant, framed photo. When the television is off, a photo of your choice appears on the screen. When the television is on, the photo disappears. When you’re ready for a change, swapping out the photo is easy.

2. Hide the TV Away

Hide the TV in wall unit

There are storage cabinets with doors that can hide your TV when not in use. Similarly, a custom unit can frame the TV so that it looks like a part of the furniture. Otherwise, if you mount the television on the wall, create a visually interesting layout.

Television as part of a wall layout with paintings

TV in bedroom

Here’s another hideaway option: imagine having a TV lift in the footboard of your bed. At the push of a button, the television disappears inside the footboard, enabling a calm, soothing bedroom atmosphere for rest and sleep.

Other storage options are also available to hide your TV inside the unit. If you choose one of these, keep in mind that each time you want to watch TV, you have to move any items that you or a family member might have placed on top.

Television in your bathroom retreat

Don’t want to miss a TV news story or favorite show while soaking in the tub? Consider getting a TV that's built into a bathroom mirror. Until you turn it on, it won’t even look like a TV. Plus, these TVs are especially made to withstand bathroom moisture.

mirror as television
The mirror in the bathroom is also a TV

Yet another option is to camouflage the television by painting the wall in the same color. If it’s a children’s playroom, try using black chalk paint. That way, the children can have fun drawing on the wall, easily erasing their doodles when done.

TV in Basement or play room credit: Jesse Bowser

According to I &D January/February 2021 issue, As part of a marketing campaign for the televisions in the U.K., Two special paint colors were sold with the TV for three of their models. This is not available in the U.S., However, a good designer can assist in finding a good solution.

Whichever options you select, make your television part of the design solution. That way, you will have a functional, aesthetically pleasing space, even while the TV is off. For expert advice on how to make it work in your space, schedule a discovery call.


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