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7 Tips for Designing a Stunning Home Library

Horace Mann once said, "Books are the windows through which the soul looks out. A home without books is like a room without windows". This is why every house should have a home library. After all, books are timeless victors that stand proudly above everything the future holds. Therefore, having a home library is like having a little sanctuary for your mind and soul. A place where you can escape reality and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, if you have room to spare, we have some fantastic tips for designing a stunning home library. This will definitely give your home the wow factor every luxury house needs. So, let's see what you can do!

Choose the right style

Before you start putting books on shelves, you have to decide how your home library will look. This implies choosing an interior design style and a color scheme. The good news is that your options are endless. You can go with traditional dark or light wood with a hint of burgundy on the walls. On the other hand, the industrial style is extremely popular right now, so you might want to think about stainless steel shelves and different shades of gray. If your house is all about contemporary design, you can easily incorporate it in your home library as well. Whichever way you go, make aesthetics your main priority next to functionality. Even though there are various designs and styles when it comes to decorating your interior, many people seem to fall for old library aesthetics. There is just something captivating and extraordinary about it. A two-story home library with a spiral staircase in between is a terrific way to bring that ancient library vibe to your home. Add wood panels and wooden floor-to-ceiling shelves, and you've got yourself a nice and cozy home library with a hint of the old times.

 A shelf filled with books
Finding sturdy storage and organizing your books is a key step you have to take.

Organize your books like a pro

Have you ever walked into a library and got goosebumps from seeing beautiful high shelves filled with books from floor to ceiling? We certainly have! This is the feeling you should get when you walk into your home library as well. That's why picking the right bookshelves and organizing the books is crucial when it comes to designing a stunning home library.

The first thing you should consider when purchasing proper shelves for your book collection is sturdiness. Purchasing shelves that can handle the weight of all your books is a must if you want to avoid accidents. It's an investment you don't want to skimp on. Additionally, you want to buy shelves that are big enough for all the books you already have and for the ones you're yet to buy. So, you have to think about the future, especially if you're an avid reader.

When it comes to the organization of the books, you can go with different styles. You can organize them alphabetically, by author, size, age, color, etc. The choice is yours, and it entirely depends on what suits your eyes and mind the best. Oh, and don't forget to leave some space on those shelves for a plant or two, framed photos, memorabilia, or a cherished memory. It's what brings life into the room.

If at any moment you want to replace your book collection or upgrade it, you'll have to think about a storage solution. Your cherished books should be stored carefully and properly. So, put them in a safe place such as a rented storage unit or clean basement and let them breathe from time to time.


Comfortable furniture is a must

Home library furniture is where you want to splurge and not look back. Reading is a relaxing activity, so you'll want to feel comfortable while doing it. After all, you'll spend hours on end curled up with your favorite book in this room. So, it's only fair to make it as comfy and cozy as possible. Let's take a look at what to consider when choosing furniture for your literary getaway:

  • Type of seating: when it comes to high-end furniture, you can have your pick; from traditional armchairs and sofas to ottomans, chaise lounges, and even modern ergonomic chairs made just for reading; you can choose the style, shape, and color!

  • Material and texture: the make and build of your furniture can be whatever you want; if you're going for a classic library look, go for leather upholstery and hardwood framing. For a more elegant and sophisticated vibe, you can't go wrong with silk.

  • Layout: some of the most common placings of the seating area in home libraries are by the fire, facing the windows, or in front of the biggest bookshelf in the room.

Additionally, to make the ambiance more inviting, buy a bunch of cozy pillows, blankets, and other throws. A soft rug made from natural wool is a great idea as well. So, once you choose the furniture and additional decoration, the crew from can move all of it into your house in no time.

Build a window seat

A window seat with a view.

Speaking of the seating area, we must suggest building a beautiful window seat. This addition is so cool that it deserves its own headline. Window seats have to be the cutest little spot in every room, especially in a home library. Designs and styles vary from classic or contemporary to transitional. Therefore, you can incorporate it into your library in a second without ruining the tone of the room. Moreover, when you mix a good book with comfy seating and a fantastic view, you get the complete package. And that's exactly what a window seat is!

If you want to indulge yourself maximally, install a window seat in your home library.

Lighting is key

No one likes to struggle with squinting in order to make out words, right? That's why lighting is of crucial importance when designing a stunning home library. You'll have to consider both the layout and the type of lighting you'll use. Make sure to incorporate both ambient and task lighting in your library. Ambient lighting will allow you to move around the room without bumping into stuff, and task lighting will help you do different tasks, as its name suggests. So, put them above or beside your seating area and make the reading an easy and relaxing experience.

Furthermore, you should pick the right reading temperature. We suggest investing in day bulbs and light with a warmer note. It will provide enough light and create a cozy atmosphere at the same time. Perfect for the home library.

Install a fireplace

 A home library with a fireplace.
Having a fireplace in your home library will create a warm and inviting atmosphere you seek.

One of the best tips for designing a stunning home library we can give you is to install a fireplace. Every home library needs a wow factor, and the fireplace can give you just that. In addition, it will maximize the coziness while maintaining the sophisticated vibe of the room. The best part is it can be introduced to every style, from traditional and Victorian to minimalist and contemporary. It will bring everything in the home library together and keep you warm during the wintertime. Therefore, it's something you definitely want to spend your money on!

Create the perfect view

If you're lucky enough to live in a house with the perfect view, you should use this for your home library. Install massive wall-size windows and face your seating area in front of it. Just imagine curling up with a good book and looking at the white-sand beach, lush green forest, or your fantastic garden. This setting will be even better if there's snow where you live. In addition, you'll have a ton of natural light! So, if you're in a position to bring a little bit of luxury into your home, we suggest you get right to it!

Final thoughts

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book after a long hard day. That's why a home library would be the perfect addition to your house. With these seven tips for designing a stunning home library, you'll have your little sanctuary and getaway in the middle of your home. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out these 7 tips for designing a stunning home library and give your house the wow factor it deserves!

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